How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages

Guardians are struggling with Destiny 2 Spectral and Manifested pages in the Festival of the Lost, so here's what they are and how to convert them to rewards

How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages: A Headless One being with a jack-o-lantern head chases a Guardian in a Haunted Lost Sector.

You don’t need to lose your mind over Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages, even though the annual Halloween-themed event is called Festival of the Lost. Here, we’ll show you some tricks that will help you unlock all of the festival’s Book of the Forgotten-related treats, which include a special emblem and an Exotic ship for the FPS game.

The Festival of the Lost event will only last for a limited time, so if you want to unlock all of the Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages in Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 2, you’ll need to do so by November 8.

What are Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages?

Spectral Pages are ghostly items that drop throughout the Destiny 2 universe during the Festival of the Lost. They’re not particularly useful until the Guardian converts them into Manifested Pages. Players can then add these Manifested Pages to a book called the Book of the Forgotten, which unlocks lore cards and is a prerequisite for completing several event-related challenges.

Earning Spectral Pages and then converting them into Manifested Pages isn’t difficult. Still, because the process is a bit convoluted, even minor misunderstandings can cause headaches.

How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages: Guardians look on at ghostly beings during Festival of the Lost.

What do Manifested Pages do?

Using a Manifested Page to unlock one chapter of the book unlocks a Blueberry mask. Unlocking nine of Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 2’s chapters grants the player a t-shirt code and an Event Ticket (they’ll still have to pay for the t-shirt itself), and unlocking 18 chapters unlocks a shader, two Enhancement Cores, and an Event Ticket. Unlocking all 27 chapters awards players an Exotic ship called Coffin Nail, an Enhancement Prism, and an Event Ticket. However, Event Tickets are only redeemable for people who have Upgraded Event Cards and therefore are of no value for people who aren’t interested in paying 1000 Silver to upgrade their cards.

However, even players who choose not to upgrade their Event Cards can still complete all of the Event Challenges for free rewards. Players who unlock all chapters of Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 2 along with all the other event challenges can earn an Ascendant Shard and an Ascendant Alloy, which may make the grind worth it for some Guardians.

To fill Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 2, you’ll need to collect 193 Spectral Pages and turn them into Manifested Pages. And, if you missed last year’s event and would like to fill out Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 1, you’ll need double that number. However, Event Challenges for this year’s activity rely on unlocking pages from Book of the Forgotten Vol. 2, so you’ll want to start by filling out the Vol. 2 chapters.

Completing Manifested Pages and adding them to the Book of the Forgotten also increases weapon drops. Hence, the possibility for epic rolls gives Guardians another reason to farm the activity.

How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages: A Guardian holds a Festival of the Lost weapon and readies for combat.

How to convert Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages

Destiny 2 tries to help players understand the process of converting Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages, but it’s easy to miss a step and become confused about what to do next.

First, you’ll need to visit Eva Levante in the Tower, who will give you a quest that will take you through some specific activities. This process is designed to teach you how to collect Spectral Pages and convert them into Manifested Pages, but it can still be confusing.

To start earning Spectral Pages, players must equip a mask. Players must wear a Festival of the Lost mask to earn Spectral Pages and candy, which they can turn in to Eva for rewards. Once you’ve equipped your mask, there are a variety of activities in the Destiny 2 universe that will award Spectral Pages. These include:

  • Strikes/Nightfalls: 3-5 Spectral Pages
  • Lost Sectors: 1 Spectral Page
  • Public Events: 2-3 Spectral Pages
  • Seasonal activities (Ketchcrash, Expeditions, Nightmare Containment): 5 Spectral Pages
  • Crucible: 3 Spectral Pages
  • Gambit: 3 Spectral Pages
  • Raid: 2 Spectral Pages per section

Once you get Spectral Pages, you must turn them into Manifested Pages. As long as they’re in your inventory, all you have to do is take down Headless Ones in the Haunted Lost Sector playlist. Access this in the Tower or on the Tower map, where you can enter it from the icon above the Tower landing zone.

There doesn’t appear to be an obvious correlation between how many Spectral Pages a person can convert to Manifested Pages on a given run. However, if you’ve collected a significant number of Spectral Pages and are hoarding them in your inventory, then you may have to run through more than one Haunted Lost Sector to convert them all.

If you simply jump into the Haunted Lost Sector playlist, be on the lookout for the warning that says you have no Spectral Pages, as you’ll likely want to get some before you continue the activity.

How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages: Eva Levante showcases her table in the Tower during Festival of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Spectral Pages: Final notes

Note that as of the posting of this guide, Bungie is reviewing an issue where some players report that their Spectral Pages aren’t turning into Manifested Pages. If you encounter this issue, Bungie advises players to clear their caches, ensure they have a mask equipped, run a strike, and then run a Haunted Lost Sector. The team also reported an issue where bounties were rewarding less Bright Dust than intended, but it appears to have fixed the problem and will also return the missing Bright Dust to players affected by this issue at a later date.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to farm Spectral Pages and need a powerful build to take up the challenge, be sure to check out our best Destiny 2 Warlock builds, our best Destiny 2 Titan builds and our best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for some ideas as to how to build a character that’s up to the task.