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Is Destiny 2 Steam Deck compatible?

It is possible to play Destiny 2 on a Steam Deck, but you'll need to jump through cloud or Windows-shaped hoops in order to get the FPS game working.

Destiny 2 Steam Deck: Lightfall artwork on handheld's screen

Is Destiny 2 Steam Deck compatible? Despite having over two years to get Destiny 2 working on the Steam Deck’s Linux-based operating system, developers Bungie change the anti-cheat system to something more accommodating. You can, however, opt to dual boot Windows on your handheld to get around this roadblock.

As always, we’d advise checking out the Destiny 2 system requirements before trying to run the shooter on any system, portable or otherwise. As the best handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck is more than capable of running the game, but the new storage requirement demanded by The Final Shape expansion is more than three times the capacity of the original 64GB Steam Deck LCD.

Close up of Destiny 2 Steam Deck storefront page on handheld screen

Is Destiny 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Destiny 2 is rated as Unsupported for Steam Deck by Valve. This is due to the anti-cheat being incompatible with Linux-based operating systems. 

While the shooter should theoretically play nice with the portable PC, and could be one of the best Steam Deck games, a lack of anti-cheat support hampers its handheld compatibility. However, there’s still a way you can play what we’d describe as one of the best FPS games out there. The catch? Well, you’ll need to use the power of cloud gaming rather than the Deck’s innards.

To get started, you’ll need to set up Nvidia GeForce Now on Steam Deck. Doing so will grant you access to your PC library via the cloud, effectively bypassing the limitations of Valve’s native hardware. Naturally, you’ll need a decent internet connection to avoid any hiccups, but if you’ve got an Ultimate subscription, which gives you access to an Nvidia RTX 4080 gaming rig, you’ll be able to embrace fully-fledged PC performance on the go.

If you’re hellbent on playing Destiny 2 natively on Steam Deck, you could install Windows 11 on Valve’s handheld instead. Using Microsoft’s operating system instead of SteamOS and Proton will enable the game to run with Easy Anti Cheat enabled, but you’ll have to invest in the best Steam Deck SD card to swap between the two.

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