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Destiny 2’s Summer Solstice kicks off next week

This year's Solstice event features a new way to upgrade armour, plus the new upgradeable Event Card system for tracking event-related activities and rewards

Destiny 2 summer Solstice event: Guardians wear elaborate, glowing armour

The Destiny 2 summer Solstice event begins July 19, featuring a revamped European Aerial Zone activity, a new system for upgrading armour, and the new upgradeable ‘Event Card’ system that works a bit like a mini season pass for the sci-fi FPS game.

Bungie says the Event Card system is meant to help organise player objectives, which makes sense – it can be tricky to keep track of everything you’re doing in Destiny 2 right now as it is, and adding another layer of activities on top of the usual vendor bounties, quest steps, and seasonal objectives could be overwhelming.

You can find the Event Card, which you can upgrade for 1,000 silver to earn additional rewards, can be accessed by talking with Eva Levante in the Tower, or in the menu in the Quests tab – it’ll be located next to the Seasonal Challenges tab. The card holds Event Challenges, Event Seals and titles, and a section for upgraded Event Card rewards.

Completing challenges will earn you Solstice-themed rewards and event tickets for purchasing limited-time cosmetics during the Solstice.

Also during Solstice, Bungie says the armour upgrading experience will be a bit different. Solstice armour can be enhanced with special new event currencies, including Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Kindling. You earn Silver Leaves and Kindling by completing event challenges, and Silver Ash is made out of Silver Leaves when you complete the new Bonfire Bash activity.

Silver ash can then be spent to reroll armour stats in the mod screen, while kindling is used to upgrade your armour stat roll potential. Each piece of armour can be enhanced this way three times, but you only need to upgrade once per armour slot – all Solstice armour in that slot will benefit from the spent kindling.

As was the case last year, fully upgrading a piece of Solstice armour with kindling will cause it to glow, and there are free and paid versions of the glow.

The latest This Week at Bungie also says the event features a “major revamp” to the Solstice EAZ activity, but doesn’t go into detail about what’s changed – we’ll just have to find out when the event kicks off July 19.