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New Destiny 2 DLC Steam reviews are negative, as Bungie apologizes

With Destiny 2 The Final Shape suffering connection issues, players are leaving negative Steam reviews for the new DLC as Bungie apologizes.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Bungie apologizes: a robot man in a brown hood and cloak

Now that Destiny 2 The Final Shape is here, the current era of Bungie’s live service shooter is coming to a climactic end. We Guardians are finally going to try and take down The Witness, but it looks like a ‘currant error’ and a spate of connection issues are booting players from the game at every turn. Bungie has already apologized for the launch problems, but the new D2 expansion is feeling it on the Steam reviews, while also getting microscopically close to beating its previous concurrent player count.

Launching expansions for online games is hard. Queue times, connection issues, and bugs can easily plague a release, and Destiny 2 is no exception. While the dust starts to settle on what The Final Shape actually means for the future of Bungie’s FPS game, there have been quite a few internet problems.

The biggest repeat offender has been the Destiny 2 currant error, which is primarily the result of errors between the host and client. With so many people trying to play Destiny 2 right now, and Bungie simultaneously releasing new content for all, it’s no surprise that some people are struggling to get into the game.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Bungie apologizes: tweets from Bungie saying sorry for TFS launch

“Hey everyone, if connection issues have blocked you from playing or enjoying The Final Shape today, we want to apologize,” Bungie writes. “We’re hard at work trying to resolve each of these issues as quickly as possible, and many of the connection issues from this morning have already been fixed.”

If you’ve lost connection while watching one of the new Destiny 2 The Final Shape cutscenes, Bungie says you can find a replayable mission node on the Pale Heart map, with cutscenes across five different missions to be aware of.

“We built The Final Shape to be an exciting, cathartic, story-driven adventure for everyone to enjoy,” Bungie concludes. “We’re truly sorry if connection issues and instability is getting in the way of that experience, and we promise to keep working until these issues are resolved.”

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Bungie apologizes: Steam stats for Destiny 2 players

As a result, Destiny 2 The Final Shape is sitting at ‘mostly negative’ on Steam, with just 36% of 1,154 user reviews being positive. The full game’s Steam reception is still solid, but players are voicing their disappointment in not being able to play the game at launch after paying for it.

Destiny 2 even came incredibly close to breaking its peak Steam player count. Back during the February 2023 launch of Lightfall 316,750 players were in the game on Steam simultaneously, with The Final Shape drawing in 314,634 by comparison – that’s a difference of just 2,116 players.

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Destiny 2’s server and connection problems are now starting to level out, so hopefully we see stability in the next couple of days while everyone finishes the journey started way back in 2014.

With ongoing problems, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Destiny 2 server status, while we’ve also got guides for the Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass and all the best Destiny 2 The Final Shape exotics too.

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