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New Destiny 2 subclass blends Dark and Light into one OP combination

Bungie livestreamed a preview of Destiny 2 The Final Shape, and there's a ton of changes incoming, with classes getting a big overhaul.

Bungie has always played the long game with Destiny 2. Throughout its history there have been hints scattered throughout of the shape of things to come and finally, years after first being teased, one big change is on the cards. When The Final Shape launches later this year, Guardians will be able to break free of the current restrictions and mix together Dark and Light powers in a brand new Prismatic subclass.

During the developer gameplay preview, Bungie lifted the lid on some of the big updates coming to the multiplayer game. The most impactful of these is the new Prismatic subclass, which will let Destiny 2 players smush together abilities from all three Light and both Dark subclasses. The Prismatic subclass also comes with a brand new Transcendence state, unlocked by dealing both types of damage, which will grant a temporary grenade ability and weapon damage bonus.

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Bungie has slowly been adding Dark subclasses to the game and reworking older subclasses over recent years, but Prismatic looks to be the biggest change to the system since Destiny 2 launched all the way back in 2017. Finally players will be able to build their own subclass, mixing together melee, super, class, and grenade abilities into something new. Prismatic subclasses will be enhanced even further with new Exotic class items, giving Hunters’ cloaks, Titans’ marks, and Warlocks’ bonds Exotic perks for the first time.

Described as an “advanced” subclass with more Fragments and Fragment slots to choose from, it’s clear that Prismatic subclass theorycrafting will be the true final battle of the The Light and Darkness Saga.

Enemies from the new Dread faction stand on a rock, with fire and craggy cliffs behind them.

That wasn’t the only thing unveiled during The Final Shape preview, however. Guardians will now have a new enemy race to fight through their battles with The Witness; The Dread. The first entirely new enemy faction since the introduction of the Scorn way back in Forsaken, the Dread expands The Witness’ forces. Joining the already-existing Tormenters are the bat-like Grim, melee-focused Husks, Strand specialists Weavers, and the Stasis-powered Attendants.

If that wasn’t enough, Destiny 2: Into the Light is also live now, an event which bridges the gap caused by The Last Shape’s delay into June. It brings back and updates a ton of older weapons previously along with new wave-based PvE missions, updated Exotic missions, and new challenges all handed out by everyone’s favorite Crucible-king, Lord Shaxx.

The roadmap for the Destiny 2 Into the Light content which runs from April 9 to June 3.

There’s a lot happening in Destiny 2 right now and as we approach The Final Shape’s launch date of Tuesday, June 4, we expect even more to be revealed. Make sure you stay up to date with by keeping your eyes on our Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date hub, and our Destiny 2 new season guide.

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