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Clear your vault - Destiny 2 transmog will pull from Collections

"You can just delete all that shit"

There are two problems the fashionistas of Destiny 2 are continually contending with. The need to look fabulous, and having the vault space to stick all your bits of armour you’re not using. We found out earlier this year that the space game would be getting a transmog system. If you’ve been out the loop, this will allow you to turn armour into Universal Ornaments so you can change the appearance of any piece of armour into something you like the look of. No more shall you wear ugly gear because of its stat roll.

That’s all well and fab, but we never found out what kind of burden that would have on our vault space. Destiny 2 has a collections tab so you can see every shader, gun, and piece of gear you have unlocked. The problem is, though, is that you can’t take a bit of gear out if it has a random roll. If you think that means you need to stash every piece of cool looking gear into your vault, though, that’s thankfully not the case. Director Luke Smith popped up on the Twitch Weekly show and informed everyone that the game will scrape your account so you can ease the burden on your vault.

“You can just delete all that shit,” he says. “We’re going to scrape your account data, and the things that are eligible for transmog will be things that you’ve collected across your journey. It’s not going to be what you have at the moment.”

Radical, man.

We still don’t know when the transmog system will get here, but it’ll be sometime in Destiny 2’s 4th year. So between November of this year and November 2021, then. You’ll be able to transmog gear for real money or a currently-unspecified amount of “in-game effort”.

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