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All Destiny 2 Twitch drops June 2024

With the Salvation's Edge World's First raid race starting soon, Bungie has made exclusive Twitch drops available for viewers this weekend.

Destiny 2 Twitch drops: a subjugator boss's eyes glow as it prepares to attack

How do I get Destiny 2 Twitch drops? Salvation’s Edge, the raid accompanying Bungie’s newest DLC for Destiny 2, The Final Shape, launches tonight. With it comes an exclusive haul of emblems for those planning to watch the raid race from Twitch Rivals streamers. This list of streamers is limited, and you can’t earn the majority of these emblems from viewing anyone not on that list.

The Destiny 2 raid race is about to kick off, but these emblems will be available all weekend if you can’t tune in from the off. Guardians globally will be equipping their best Prismatic builds to face off against the Witness and, hopefully, save humanity from certain death. Here are all of the free Destiny 2 rewards you can earn from watching the race.

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When are Destiny 2 Twitch drops available?

The current Destiny 2 Twitch drops are available until June 9, 2024 at 9.30AM PT / 2.30PM ET / 5.30PM BST.

To earn Twitch drops between these dates, tune into a participating channel for at least two hours. Once you have watched your favorite Destiny 2 streamer for the minimum required time, you can redeem your rewards in-game, provided you have linked your Bungie and Twitch accounts.

Destiny 2 Twitch drops rewards

Destiny 2 Twitch drops reward emblems

Current Destiny 2 Twitch drops rewards

The current Destiny 2 Twitch rewards available and watch time requirements are:

  • Stand in Salvation emblem – Watch any Destiny 2 streamer for at last two hours.
  • Roots Remain emblem – Watch at least two hours of any Destiny 2 Twitch Rivals stream or participating Twitch Rivals creator.
  • Wrest the Heart emblem – Subscribe, or gift a subscription, to your favorite Destiny 2 streamer.
  • Scanning Ghost chat badge – Stream Destiny 2 for 30 minutes
  • Ghost chat badge – Watch 15 minutes of The Final Shape raid on Twitch Rivals.

Beyond the Twitch drops, Bungie is celebrating the launch of The Final Shape with a global chat emote to celebrate the World First race – the PopGhost chat emote is available for all Twitch users with no requirements. To find a suitable Twitch Rivals streamer, you can check the website roster for all signed up participants.

How to link your Twitch and Bungie accounts

To link Destiny 2 with your Twitch account, follow these steps:

  • Login to Bungie.net 
  • Navigate to Bungie.net settings
  • Click Account Linking
  • Link your Bungie and Twitch accounts
  • Authorize the link in the Twitch popup

After successfully linking your accounts, you can begin earning Twitch drops. Once you’ve watched for the qualifying amount of time, you’ll be prompted in Twitch to collect your rewards and it will be automatically deposited in your Destiny 2 account in the Collections tab under Flair > Emblems > General.

If the emblem doesn’t appear in your collections tab, you might want to head to Bungie’s Partner Rewards section of the website and claim it manually.

That’s all you need to know on the current Destiny 2 Twitch drops. While you’re waiting for them to start, why not check out the current free Destiny 2 emblem codes for more shiny goodies? We’ve also got a list of all of the upcoming games if space shooting ain’t quite your thing.