Destiny 2’s stasis subclasses come with more in-depth customisation options

This week we got a look at the new Warlock subclass

Destiny 2's Warlock stasis class

The way Destiny 2‘s subclasses work is changing once the Beyond Light release date hits. Each new stasis subclass is coming with the flexibility to have its abilities tinkered with. That means grenades, movement modes, and class abilities can all be customised in different ways.

Bungie gave us a more detailed look at the new system in action in the first of three stasis previews, with this one focusing on the Warlock’s Shadebinder subclass. The developer explains that ‘aspects’ and ‘fragments’ are also coming to Destiny to offer more layers of stasis customisation on top of what’s on offer. Aspects will provide new abilities “among other effects” and can be found in the game world as physical items such as crystallised Vex confluxs or a Fallen robotic arms.

Fragments are also physical items and can be applied to aspects to offer additional passive perks such as stat bonuses. It’s not all good news, though, as they can come with penalties, too – so you best make sure it’s worth it. We’ll need to wait and see how it harmonises with armour modifications. Destiny 2’s stats max out at 100 to stop things getting too crazy, so the ability to push other stats towards the maximum could make gameplay faster.

Bungie also notes that these upgrades are unique to each one of Destiny 2’s classes, which should lead to more importance when selecting if you want to play as a Hunter, Warlock, or a Titan. We’ll have to wait and see what’s possible through this system, but Bungie does describe a Warlock that can put a rift down and freeze enemies who wander into it – sounds cool.

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The update also provides some more details on the Warlock’s new stasis class. Basically, it centres on the duality of freezing foes with one ability and then detonating them with another. You can check out Bungie’s post above for the full rundown.

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