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Where is Archie in Destiny 2?

If you're looking for Archie in the system to start the new secret triumph, here's where you can find him and what you get as a reward.

Where is Archie in Destiny 2? Petting Archie in Destiny 2

Where is Archie in Destiny 2? Archie, the mechanical pooch, unlocks a timegated quest when you find him. Though he’s already in Destiny 2, his destination could change in the future.

Archie is dotted in various locations around the Tower in the quest Where in the system is Archie? You’ll need to find him to unlock the new secret triumph in Destiny 2. This timegated quest has arrived ahead of The Final Shape release date, but finding him isn’t always as easy as it seems. Finding Archie does award you with a hidden shader, Blue Steel, so it’s worth finding him.

Where in the system is Archie?

To find Archie as part of the ‘Where in Neomuna is Archie?’ quest, you’ll need to head to his usual location in the Tower outside Ada-1’s workshop. From there, examine the glowing pawprints on the ground and then speak to Ada-1. She’ll give you several clues to his whereabouts, here are the answers:

  • Archie heard about something called “ramen” and had to see what all the buzz was about – Head through the courtyard in the Tower to the Ramen shop near Ikora. You’ll see a counter, head inside and look for the same glowing pawprints as before.

  • Archie wanted to go pay his respects to a famous gunslinger – Head to the Cayde-6 memorial in the main area of the Tower, just next to Zavala.

  • Archie took off past the security checkpoint to salute a feathered friend – Go to the Hangar area of the Tower. Look past Amanda Holliday’s memorial and you’ll see an eliksni and a stray chicken. The glowing pawprints should be nearby.

  • Archie’s last stop. He wandered into an open air duct in the hangar and might have gotten a little lost. A friendly security frame is keeping an eye on him – Climb the stairs on the left to the highest point of the Hangar that you can reach. If you head as though you were visiting Xur, and then turn towards the Hangar entrance, you can jump around the corner to a ledge. Follow the route ahead until you enter a large room with blue table. Turn 180 degrees and enter another door. Follow the vent, drop down the hole and up the next exit. If you’ve followed our guide, you’ll be face to face with the good boy himself.

That’s where you’ll find Archie in Destiny 2, and yes, you can pet the dog! Give him some fuss for some free serotonin. Head back to speak to Ada-1 once more and you’ll complete this quest. As we guessed before the quest became available, you’ll receive the secret shader, Blue Steel, as well as an expired ramen ticket and ten tokens of bravery for the Into the Light limited-time rewards. You’ll need to head to the ‘Secrets’ tab in the Triumphs screen to redeem the shader.

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