Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen says “no one called” about a new game

The next Deus Ex game is still an unknown quantity, and now the actor behind Adam Jensen has provided an update on their lack of calls regarding a sequel.

Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen says “no one called” about a new game

Deus Ex has been away for a while, as the last major game in the immersive sim series was released way back in 2016 with no word on what’s next. While the RPG games still remain absolute classics, the actor behind Deus Ex‘s Adam Jensen has revealed that he’s had no call to come back to the series. Combine this with the current state of Embracer Group, and Deus Ex may be in trouble.

Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen actor, Elias Toufexis, has once again spoken about the future of his character and potentially the future of the iconic series, making it clear he would love to reprise his role as Jensen despite not receiving any calls.

“Yeah, as happy as I am to be busy, I wish I was even more busy on a new Deus Ex,” Toufexis says on Twitter. “I am not under any NDA for Deus Ex because no one has called me about it. Truly.”

Toufexis made it clear a few months ago that he’s interested in returning to Deus Ex, telling fans to get in touch with Eidos Montreal and Embracer Group to help make it happen.

Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen says “no one called” about a new game

Embracer Group acquired Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal, and Eidos Montreal last year alongside multiple IPs including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, but no new Deus Ex project has been announced. The group did say it sees “great potential, not only in sequels but also in remakes, remasters, spinoffs as well as transmedia projects” in all of these IPs though.

So if there is a Deus Ex game currently in development, with or without Toufexis, it could very well be in jeopardy, as Embracer is currently undergoing a massive restructuring. An undisclosed deal that would have apparently brought in $2 billion over six years to Embracer fell through recently, so now the company is undergoing a massive restructuring, which includes layoffs, studio closures, and the cancellation of unannounced projects.

There’s no word yet on what studios and games will be impacted, so even if there is a new Deus Ex game in development, it may not be for long. This isn’t the most absurd thing you could read about Deus Ex today though, as it turns out Twitter owner Elon Musk actually sleeps next to a replica of a gun from Human Revolution.

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