You can beat Devil May Cry 5 in ten minutes – but only the second time through

Devil May Cry 5's secret ending isn't much of an ending, but it does let you clear the game in record time

Devil May Cry 5 has a secret ending where you beat the game’s big bad in your very first encounter. A skilled player can finish the game in the space of ten minutes – but so far, it’s only been possible on a New Game Plus run where you’ve got a big selection of abilities unlocked. That could eventually change – and it probably will given how the gaming internet works – but for now, there’s a big asterisk next to that speedrun time.

Naturally, there are some spoilers from here – though more from the abilities you’ve got in NG+ than the ‘secret ending,’ which is pretty insubstantial. If you head back to the prologue battle with Urizen while fully kitted out, you can win a war of attrition against the boss, which you’re initially supposed to suffer a scripted loss against.

The ending you get as a result is just a couple of panels of text, but they do go the extra mile to poke a bit of fun about how slight it is. “The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished. Peace returned to the world above. Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration. A new legend has been born.”

You can see the ending unlocked below, courtesy of Arrekz Gaming.

There’s another method too, and a much easier one. The unlockable Heaven or Hell mode makes both you and your enemies die in a single hit, and prologue Urizen is no exception. That gives you a chance to beat the game in an even shorter time, as the video below shows.

The devil doesn’t even have time to cry anymore.

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