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Devilian enters public alpha, only $150 to get involved


Well you probably won’t be wanting to pay that but Devilian does look fairly interesting. It’s from Trion, who are doing just all sorts of stuff these days, looking to combine an MMO and Diablo into a F2P monster-smashing, loot-collectathon. Matt quite liked what he saw a couple of months back and I must admit the idea of a newer, flashier Diablo is tempting after my recent return to the game.

Not quite $150 worth of tempting, mind. Obviously this is designed as an early access and production-helping premium, rather than the kind of money they expect people to be dropping upon release. There’s a stack of extra goodies you get along with your instant access, but the $50 level is likely closer to where you’ll want to be – that means beta access once it’s ready and still gives you a bunch of in-gamestuff to be getting on with.

If you want to see more on the game there’s a collection of archived livestreams over on YouTube and one is running right at this very moment, which I’ve embedded below.