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Diablo 4 release date supposedly set for April, pre-orders soon

The Diablo 4 release date has supposedly been set for April 2023, with pre-orders for the next chapter of Blizzard's woeful RPG saga set to drop in December

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The Diablo 4 release date is apparently set for April, 2023, with pre-orders for the macabre RPG game supposedly appearing in December alongside a new trailer at the Game Awards 2022.

As discussed in the November 6 episode of The XboxEra Podcast, pre-orders for the next chapter in Sanctuary’s saga of strife will appear as of December 2022, with “a very sexy special edition” up for grabs, too. Guess who will be buying that.

This will supposedly be followed by an early access beta and an open beta in February, with April then slated as a potential launch date.

Co-founder and editor in chief of XboxEra, Jon ‘_Sikamikaniko_’ Clarke goes on to state that Blizzard are pushing for the game to be live-service, meaning it will have multiple different seasons. This is presumably in the style of Diablo 3, but if Diablo Immortal is anything to go by there may be more of a focus on seasonal gear and cosmetics.

They also warn that Diablo 4 will be an “extremely mature game,” characterised by all of the blood, guts, and gore that makes the series so iconic.

The related segment can be found at 1:33:38 in the video below, with some handy timestamps to help you find it.

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Diablo 4 has been on the cards for a long, long time, and went for years with little to no public discussion. As 2022 draws to a close and darkness envelops the earth, several different betas have taken place, with the last being the endgame beta (which was accidentally leaked by Blizzard’s president, Mike Ybarra).

Given that the friends and family beta apparently appeared in August, it took three months for the full internal testing cycle to complete. Therefore, a pre-order in December when all of the feedback has been compiled makes a lot of sense.

I know for a fact I’ll be picking up the special edition and all of its bells and whistles in December – especially if there’s a Lilith statue involved. Trust me when I say I need it. Until then, though, we have a rundown of the best games like Diablo to keep you occupied, and even managed to chat to Diablo creator David Brevik about how he feels about the series’ direction since his departure.