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You can get Diablo 4 beta access with a permanent flesh mark

Players taking part in the Diablo Hell’s Ink promotion to get a free flash tattoo are also being given Diablo 4 beta access and a free copy of the RPG game

Diablo IV beta access - Hell's Ink tattoo tour card

If you’re looking to get early Diablo 4 beta access, Blizzard is handing it out to those prepared to pay tribute to the devilish RPG game with a permanent mark upon their flesh. Fans who turned up to the first stop on the Diablo Hell’s Ink tour to get themselves a free Diablo flash tattoo were also handed a card granting them “early access to an upcoming beta” for the ARPG and a digital copy of the final game.

The Diablo Hell’s Ink tour runs from July 16 – September 10, and spans eight locations across America, the UK, Germany, and Australia. Each event only lasts for one day, so if you want to get involved you’ll need to make sure that you clear your calendar for it.

Each location features a headlining artist – for the chance to get a custom tattoo from them, you’ll have to “share your connection to the Diablo franchise” with the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages along with the #DiabloHellsInk tattoo and the code of the participating city that you’re planning to attend. If you don’t win a slot, you can still get a Diablo tattoo from one of the shop’s other artists on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those who chose to go along to the first stop in LA on July 16 and have a permanent memento to the series etched into their flesh received a card confirming they would be granted early beta access along with the promise of a digital game code upon release. We’ve reached out to Activision to clarify whether this promotion will be available at future locations, and will update this story with further details.

Perhaps tantalisingly, this also confirms that a Diablo 4 beta is in the works. With the event running until September 10, however, it seems likely that the beta won’t be coming until at least that date to give people across the globe an equal chance to sign up.

Just remember, Diablo IV beta access may be temporary but a tattoo is forever – so make sure that it’s definitely what you want before whipping your skin out.

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