Diablo 4 beta update implies tests are coming soon

The Diablo 4 beta client has appeared online and can be downloaded right now, according to an eagle-eyed Redditor, reigniting the hype around the Blizzard ARPG

Diablo 4 beta is downloadable right now: A woman with horns and hue black bat wings stands with her hand crossed

The Diablo 4 beta client appears to have been been finalised and is available for download via Battle.net, according to one player on the RPG game‘s dedicated Reddit. This implies that the highly anticipated Diablo 4 beta is coming sooner rather than later, fanning the flames of excitement around the series’ next instalment.

In a thread entitled “friends and family client has been updated,” u/GamingGuy93 writes “the friends and family beta client is now downloading a 75GB update. I presume this is the endgame beta client. Beta will more than likely start very soon.”

Urging players to “check your Battle.net launchers if you had the first email,” they suggest “restart[ing] battle.net if already open. It may be hidden under ‘all games.'”

They go on to drop a further comment, noting “servers are up and playable. Expect emails soon I’d say.”

I attempted to verify this, but haven’t been invited to any betas so far. I personally can’t see any option, but it’s worth having a check – especially if you’ve received one of those coveted invites.

An internal Diablo 4 beta test has been underway for some time, with a series of different leaks implying that the game will include features like smart loot and trading, as well as a system that ties skills to weapon damage.

Blizzard has also put out a sign up form for future test periods, but the restrictions on those who can apply are pretty damn strict. Aimed at long-time, die-hard fans, hopefully Blizzard will be a little less stringent going forward.

Given how significant this new update to the existing beta is, it certainly implies that something is lurking in the shadows, desperate to claw its way into the light. It makes sense that the first beta would drop before the end of the year given the sheer volume of hints there have been about it. Also, it’s spooky season and darkness has enveloped the earth – what better time to dive back into the desolate world of Sanctuary?

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