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Diablo 4 damage calculator shows you how to hit max DPS

A Diablo 4 damage calculator helps you to maximize your DPS, while also helping you understand how the game’s damage buckets work to make you a better player.

Diablo 4 damage calculator - a rogue wearing purple robes with a crossbow slung over their back

Diablo 4 damage is a more complex beast than it might initially seem. Get the gear with the bigger numbers, damage goes up, everything explodes. Right? It’s not quite that simple, but luckily a Diablo 4 damage calculator is here to help you master the RPG game and hit the max DPS possible. Not only that, but it’s actually a very handy way to learn how the numbers work, letting you improve your best Diablo 4 builds in the future too.

There are a lot of different stats that can appear on gear in Diablo 4, and at first glance they all sound great. Damage versus close? Sure, I’m a melee build. Damage versus stunned? I use stuns. Damage versus poisoned? Yep, that’s me too. Unfortunately, not all stats are created equal, thanks to the way Diablo 4 does its math.

To put it simply, most damage-boosting percentages on your gear simply get added to one another – so if you have +30% versus close and +20% with Core skills, your Core skills will do 50% extra damage to close enemies.

However, a couple of stats are actually separate from this pool, and will multiply your total bonus, meaning they’re vastly more effective at amplifying your output. This includes vulnerable damage, critical strikes, and your character’s main attribute (determined by which of the Diablo 4 classes you picked).

If that sounds a bit confusing, don’t panic. Thankfully, this handy tool is here to help you out, as it can do all the calculations for you. If you’re not one to run the numbers yourself, you can just plug things in to see what works, but if you’re curious about the underlying systems it also helpfully shows exactly how the ‘damage buckets’ (as the community has named them) are broken up.

Diablo 4 damage calculator - a web-based spreadsheet where you can enter numbers to work out your damage output in the Blizzard RPG game.

Each separate box shows how the stats are grouped – if they’re within a border, they’ll all be added together, and then you can see the boxes multiplied along the bottom of the screen to give your final damage and critical damage.

Hopefully, seeing it laid out will help to make it clearer, but if you’re still confused, just trust us – vulnerable multipliers, bonuses to critical strikes, your main attribute, and attack speed are by far the best way to massively improve your overall damage.

You can run the numbers for yourself right here.

Hopefully, this tool will let you take your build to the next level by finding those perfect Diablo 4 ancestral items to complement your loadout. We’ve also picked out the best Diablo 4 nightmare dungeons so you can maximize your late-game gains.