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New Diablo 4 mount costs more than the actual game

Diablo 4's new Vitreous Scourge mount can only be bought through an in-game currency bundle more expensive than the actual game.

Diablo 4 new mount costs more than actual game: A shocked man with a dirty face from Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 launched with plenty of lofty expectations last year. It turned out to be a solid if unsurprising sequel, elevated throughout its single-player campaign by weighty, gory combat and an appropriately gloomy atmosphere that made exploring its Gothic dungeons, noxious swamps, and stretches of rolling desert more compelling than action RPG game competitors, like Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, or Torchlight. Still, its creator, Blizzard Entertainment, has diminished some of the enjoyment of reaching high levels and kitting out your characters in fancy gear by leaning heavily into microtransactions. The latest of these, a mount called Vitreous Scourge, is especially egregious, requiring players to spend more on getting it than the cost of Diablo 4 itself.

This new mount has come to Diablo 4 as part of the RPG game‘s Patch 1.3.2 update. Vitreous Scourge is a crystal encrusted horse that Diablo 4’s fiction describes as having developed its glittering hide as the result of a terrible disease spreading throughout Sanctuary.

In order to buy the shiny horse, players will need to purchase the Vitreous Scourge pack from Blizzard’s storefront or Tejal’s Shop within the game. The bundle comes with the mount, its Crystal and Bone Cage armor, two mount trophies, and 7,000 Platinum in-game currency. The pack costs $64.99 USD.

That price, it’s worth noting again, is higher than the base game, which is on sale for $41.99 USD right now, and even its $59.99 USD Ultimate Edition.

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Sure, you can still get around on a variety of free mounts made available during Diablo 4 for in-game currency or as rewards for completing quests. But players who want to show off how willing they are to drop real money on a shiny crystal horse when smashing skeletons with friends will need to pony up a substantial fee.

If you’re mysteriously drawn to the money horse, it’s available to buy in-game or right here.

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