Diablo 4 “doesn’t need skill” says Elon Musk, Blizzard boss claps back

Having dropped in on a Twitter Spaces, Elon Musk claims that you actually "don't need a lot of skill" to play Diablo 4, while revealing his username.

A Diablo 4 Rogue with purple armor, but with Elon Musk's face imposed upon her body

Diablo 4‘s Sanctuary is an expansive, diverse world, but did I expect to hear that Elon Musk is hacking and slashing his way through Blizzard’s latest RPG game? No, no I didn’t. During a recent Twitter Spaces, you can hear the X CEO tearing Lilith’s legions asunder, but he claims you “don’t need a lot of skill” to actually play Diablo 4.

During a Sunday, July 23 Twitter space entitled ‘No one talk until we summon Elon Musk,’ the man himself can be heard playing Diablo 4 in the background – most likely running one of the best Diablo 4 Rogue builds, if my ears are correct.

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“I’m just playing some Diablo 4 right now,” he states when questioned about the ‘X’ rebrand, continuing “you interrupted my game of Diablo 4 for discussions about what?” He then promptly reveals that his “character in Diablo 4 is called ‘IWillNeverDie,'” but quickly clarifies that “he has died, by the way.”

“You don’t need a lot of skill to play Diablo 4 to be fully frank,” he continues. “It’s not like a hardcore skill game – it’s not like League [of Legends] or something.”

In response to the comment, Blizzard president Mike ‘Qwik’ Ybarra replies “maybe I should have the team see how many times he’s actually died – what think? Wonder if he’s playing hardcore.” Note to self: don’t say that Diablo 4 is easy. Got it.

A comment from Blizzard president Mike Ybarra talking about Elon Musk's Diablo 4 death count

Diablo 4 and Elon Musk: two very separate worlds (sort of) colliding in potentially the weirdest way possible. Given the ‘X’ color scheme is black and silver, maybe the team took inspiration from Diablo’s dark, macabre world when designing it. Whether or not that would be a good thing I’ll leave up to your interpretation.

What’s best not left to interpretation, however, are the best Diablo 4 builds – trust me when I say they’re the best for a reason. It’s also no secret that some Diablo 4 classes are better than others, so there’s that, too. All I’ll say is I really, really miss my Diablo 4 review Rogue – she was the best.