Don’t worry, Diablo 4 will stop unfairly destroying you soon

Diablo 4's dangerous Nightmare Dungeon affixes are under investigation by Blizzard, as the team knows they're disproportionately killing players.

Don't worry, Diablo 4 will stop unfairly destroying you soon

Nightmare Dungeon affixes are proving to make the Diablo 4 endgame grind more of a chore than it should be in Blizzard’s RPG game, in no small part due to how they’re one of the disproportionate player killers that often seem unfair. This is why Blizzard is looking at some Nightmare Dungeon changes in Diablo 4, but trying to keep them balanced.

This week’s Diablo 4 campfire chat was planned after a pretty disastrous Season 1 patch that completely nerfed almost every Diablo 4 class and build, adding an extra challenge to exploring Sanctuary, but since the player backlash Blizzard has said it doesn’t “plan on doing a patch like this ever again.”

The first of a few reversals and positive changes have come with the campfire chat’s Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0 hotfix 3, including some great Diablo 4 target farming improvements on the way too.

Blizzard highlighted that it wants to change what is killing players in Diablo 4 a disproportionate and unfair amount during the stream, with Nightmare Dungeon affixes towards the top of the list.

“We’re identifying some of these really difficult Nightmare Dungeon affixes, ones that claim a disproportionate amount of player lives,” associate game director Joe Piepiora says.

“There are a lot of moments out there that feel to the player – in the moment – pretty cheap and unfair, so we’re looking at more of these situations and figuring out the right places to make adjustments.”

You can hear Piepiora’s quote at around 1:19:55 in the livestream below.

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These Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon affixes can be pretty tough, as they change every enemy in the dungeon under one new modifier, with the “cold enchanted” affix that lets enemies freeze you proving to be a particularly difficult one for players to get around.

“We don’t want Diablo 4 to be easy,” Piepiora continues. “We don’t want you to be able to walk through every encounter, we want the game to feel deadly at times and give you the opportunity to evade those situations.

On the whole, it looks like Blizzard has listened to player feedback and wants to make things right. With multiple patches planned between now and the launch of Season 2, the changes are going continue as more feedback comes in and a balance gets struck.

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