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Diablo 4 update makes item rerolls a lot more random

Diablo 4 rerolls are key to upgrading your best items with perfect stats, but the 1.1.1 patch notes mean you’ll now have to spend more to find specific rolls.

Diablo 4 item reroll priority affixes change - a Necromancer with teal blue hair and glowing red eyes.

Getting the perfect Diablo 4 rerolls at the occultist can turn a great drop into one of the best items in the game. However, getting the most out of your best Diablo 4 Ancestral items just got more complicated with the arrival of its latest update, as the priority affixes system appears to be no more. Now, you’ll need to spend a lot more of your Diablo 4 gold to find the best stats in the RPG game.

The way this worked previously is that each type of item had specific ‘priority affixes’ that the game considered to be some of the most desirable for that slot. When rerolling an item, the game would always put one of the priority stats as one of your two choices, making them much easier to get than other options. For example, chest armor always prioritized Total Armor, Thorns, and Control Impaired Duration Reduction stats.

In some circumstances, these could let you easily grab great items. Rings, for example, would always prioritize Critical Strike Chance, while Gloves would favor Crit Chance and bonus Attack Speed – almost always desirable choices, meaning getting those near-perfect items and transforming them into your next best armor piece was very reliable.

Diablo 4 reroll item priority affixes - a Druid rerolling a pair of gloves at the occultist with the enchant item tool.

That all changed with Diablo 4 patch notes 1.1.1, which were implemented into the full game on Tuesday August 8. The priority system is gone, meaning that you’ll now have an equal chance of getting all the possible stats. Depending on what you want, that could be great or awful news. It’ll make getting the other stats easier, such as rolling bonus Core skill levels on your Gloves, and should offer more variety overall.

If you just needed one of those priority stats to finish off your best Diablo 4 builds, however, then you might be out of luck – or at least out of pocket, given how expensive rerolling items can get after the first few attempts.

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