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A brand new Diablo 4 feature is here, meet the strongholds

Blizzard has unveiled the Diablo 4 stronghold system, an all-new feature that will change the very landscape of the action RPG game as you progress.

Diablo 4 strongholds: A huge angel wearing silver armour and a white hood with no face but golden wings reaches its hand out to the camera

As we hurtle towards the Diablo 4 release date and Lilith’s armageddon draws ever closer, Blizzard has unveiled the new Diablo 4 stronghold feature, a new dungeon-eqsue experience that will have an impact on the RPG game‘s wider universe.

As Lilith’s corruption seeps into the very earth of the once proud Sanctuary, several of the world’s most sacred places have fallen into her grasp. These are Diablo 4’s strongholds, an all-new system that will bend and shape the wider world of Sanctuary as you interact with them.

Strongholds are initially a private encounter that can be completed solo or with a party. Once you’ve cast hell’s minions back to whence they came, though, the space will become public and, in turn, transition into a buzzing metropolis.

Liberating a stronghold will net you XP, new high-tier gear, and all of that good stuff; but they do more than that. The denizens of Sanctuary will start to flock back to the area, giving you access to new merchants, potential shortcut paths, and will even help you unlock formerly inaccessible dungeons.

They’re also key to leveling up your renown, which is a new system in Diablo but is very similar to the one we see in World of Warcraft. As you traverse Sanctuary you’ll encounter various different factions, each of which are worth budding up with. Liberating former sacred sites is a one-way ticket to making friends, so I’d really suggest you get stuck in.

As a longtime Diablo fan, I love anything remotely new, but this system sounds absolutely incredible. It’s unique, it’s a great way to explore the world of Diablo 4, and it presents a new set of challenges that will enhance the endgame experience. Step aside, hellspawn, those strongholds are mine for the taking.

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