Diablo Immortal adds battle royale mode, but it won’t be around long

Blizzard has just announced that Diablo Immortal is hosting a limited-time PvP event in which players can engage in a new battle royale game mode, Wild Brawl.

A white haired man and woman from Diablo Immortal, both wearing red and silver armor, stand beside one another

Diablo Immortal is one of Blizzard’s more unique entries to its long-standing RPG game series, as it tells the previously untold story of the events that took place between Diablo 2 and 3. The free-to-play action MMO has a fair amount of content and appeals to players who enjoy PvP as well as those of us who prefer more story-related content. Diablo Immortal has just updated, implementing a brand-new PvP game mode called Wild Brawl that resembles everyone’s favorite battle royale games.

You’ll start at level one in Wild Brawl, working together in teams of six players total to explore a massive map and survive until the end against up to four enemy teams. You can equip discovered gear, gain experience for more power, and kill any enemy you see to ensure your victory. The arena-style PvP game mode ends only when just one team is left standing. Knowing me and my PvP skill, that’ll never be my team.

Just like in other iconic battle royale games, Wild Brawl will see you fighting the clock and players at the same time. As the battle goes on, the map will get smaller and smaller, forcing you to get closer to your enemies. If every member of your team dies, you lose. The Wild Brawl event will last until Wednesday, August 23, so you have a bit of time to hop in and slay.

A map of the Dark Woods area in Diablo Immortal's new battle royale mode Wild Brawl

You need to speak with Roater, the Wild Brawl Emissary, in the northeast of Westmarch at the Immortal Overlook waypoint if you want to initiate the new game mode. Roater will let you look over the rules for Wild Brawl before you jump into battle. Once your match is secured, you can decide on an area of the map to spawn into, just like in Fortnite. You’ll be able to see where your allies have teleported to as well, so as to help your decision-making.

You’ll start the match with Legendary Gear and Gems equipped at reduced power. You can gain access to better items as you rank up while killing enemies and other players, or by finding treasure. If you win more than once, you may even have a shot at making it onto the limited-time Wild Brawl event leaderboards. For a full in-depth look at the upcoming game mode, check here on Blizzard’s news website.

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