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Diablo Immortal tier list

Follow the sage advice of our Diablo Immortal tier list and choose the best character class to tear your way through Hell’s worst minions

Diablo Immortal tier list: All six Diablo Immortal classes standing on the corpses of Hell's minions

This Diablo Immortal tier list will help you choose the best character class for you. After all, there’s nothing worse in an RPG game than investing countless hours into levelling your character only to discover they don’t suit your play style. You can also now change class in Westmarch once you reach level 35, so at least it’s not permanent any more.

We’ve taken a close look at every class to determine their place on this Diablo Immortal tier list. There are classes that specialise in crowd control, but perform badly against bosses, and then there’s other aspects like PvP and Challenge Rifts to factor in. Your MMORPG character class is also a very personal choice as well, so maybe consider this information alongside your own preferences. And, since Diablo Immortal is frequently updated, it’s entirely possible that the worst class on our list could become the best after a balance patch.

Here’s the Diablo Immortal tier list for the current season:

Tier Classes
S Crusader, Barbarian
A Demon Hunter, Necromancer
B Monk, Wizard

S Tier

Diablo Immortal tier list: the Crusader wielding a sword and shield standing in the middle of a gold circle


Making its return from the Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls, is the Crusader. The Crusader is by far the most agile class in the game thanks to its celestial warhorse. Draw and Quarter makes it easy to deal with multiple enemies, allowing you to stun anyone standing in your way. To top it off, this ability groups any remaining minions together when it ends, creating the perfect opportunity for the Crusader to damage several enemies in quick succession.

The Crusader’s only weakness is that it struggles to deal damage against single targets and you might need more time to defeat bosses as a lone Crusader, but that’s largely due to the long cooldowns on your abilities. In addition to this, the Crusader also has powerful buffs which range from guaranteeing critical damage for a short period of time, to temporarily negating all damage for three seconds. If you’re looking for the best overall class in Diablo Immortal, you can’t go wrong with the Crusader.

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Diablo Immortal tier list: the Barbarian holding a large axe on a snowy mountaintop


Just like the Crusader, the Barbarian’s biggest strength comes from its ability to deal huge amounts of AoE damage to several enemies. This strength extends to PvP combat, allowing Barbarians to rush and eliminate rival players in an instant. Unfortunately, these abilities also come with long cooldowns which can put players in an awkward position if used incorrectly.

While the Barbarian comes stocked with abilities to keep themselves healthy on the battlefield, they’re often the biggest targets in combat. As a result, Barbarians need to be cautious when fighting, as the wrong action in the middle of combat could easily cost your life. The Barbarian requires players to think strategically about each big battle – this class has the skills to dominate, but some players may find it difficult to stay alive under pressure.

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A Tier

Diablo Immortal tier list: the Demon Hunter wielding a crossbow in each hand in front of a church at night

Demon Hunter

You won’t find a class in Diablo Immortal that deals more damage than the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter’s amazing DPS output makes Challenge Rifts dead simple, as they can destroy bosses faster than any other class.

Demon Hunters also have plenty of abilities to deal with groups of enemies which makes them the ultimate class for solo play. They don’t offer much in co-op play, aside from their high damage output. They also don’t have any substantial ally buffs like the Barbarian and Crusader, and other players will need to keep a close eye on this class due to its limited health pool.

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Diablo Immortal tier list: the Necromancer holding a glowing blue skull in front of an army of skeletons with glowing eyes


Long time Diablo fans are going to love the Necromancer in Diablo Immortal, especially if you enjoy exploding the corpses of summoned skeletons. In theory, the Necromancer should be a ranged class that commands fallen soldiers from a distance, but Diablo Immortal has given this class a number of powerful short-ranged abilities. To counteract this, the Necromancer features powerful buffs like Bone Armor to avoid taking damage.

The Necromancer is extremely versatile, giving players a range of options in combat. For solo play, try to create a build that summons skeletons and golems to do all of the hard work for you. This gameplan even works against bosses, giving you a huge advantage over some of the other classes which struggle to take down single targets with lots of health. As long as you time your Wraith Form ability correctly to avoid taking critical damage, the Necromancer is an excellent pick for players with strong micromanaging skills.

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B Tier

Diablo Immortal tier list: the Monk sitting cross legged in front of numerous burning candles


Compared to other Diablo Immortal classes, the Monk feels like it has been designed for co-op rather than solo play. The Monk thrives in a party thanks to its buffs which help to protect and strengthen your group. You can play as the Monk as a solo player, but you may find it’s difficult to fight against bosses as your damage output is surprisingly limited.

Monks rely on combos to deal effective damage, but this can be difficult depending on how you’re playing the game. PC players shouldn’t have a problem, but Monk mains may suffer if they switch to mobile without using a controller. The Monk excels in a support role due to its range of buffs which benefit every party member. If you’re playing through the game with a dedicated group, pick the Monk class to keep your party members alive at all times.

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Diablo Immortal tier list: the Wizard holding multiple demons within a blue spell


The Wizard may be our lowest ranking Diablo Immortal class, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth playing. Unlike the other classes, the Wizard has a range of abilities that drastically alter the way you approach combat. The most popular build involves using crowd control abilities like Ray of Frost and AoE spells to damage multiple targets in one quick burst.

Unfortunately, the Wizard doesn’t offer anything substantial when it comes to group play, whereas the Demon Hunter can fall back on its impressive damage output. To make matters worse, the Wizard doesn’t have a huge health pool, forcing it to drop out from fights once things start to get dicey.

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And that’s everything you need to know about the Diablo Immortal tier list. Not only is Diablo Immortal crossplay and cross-progression available, it also has surprisingly low system requirements which means you should be able to play it on your ageing laptop or desktop PC. Check out our Diablo Immortal server list so you can choose your server and jump right in.