Diablo Immortal players discuss quitting over events schedule

Diablo Immortal fans discuss quitting Blizzard’s RPG, as the slim event schedule, coupled with the recent Hungering Moon rewards, leaves them dissatisfied

Diablo Immortal PC player finds a secret shop in Westmarch; this wizard from Diablo Immortal, holding a glowing staff, might go there to buy some armour

Diablo Immortal fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s event schedule, citing a lack of new content since its June 2 launch, alongside underwhelming rewards for the recent Hungering Moon challenges, with some players describing that they intend to quit Blizzard’s RPG if updates and events aren’t hosted more regularly.

Fans have raised several issues with Diablo Immortal, beginning with complaints about its monetisation systems and item drop rates, and more recently, the compensation offered by Blizzard following a bug that affected the Shadow War PvP servers. The rewards offered by the Hungering Moon event, which comprise a legendary crest for use in the elder rift, three rare crests, and 25 Aspirant’s keys for the Iben Fahd Sanctum, have also been criticised – and now players have taken to Reddit to voice frustrations about a lack of in-game events, and sparse new content.

“The rate of events/updates the game is getting is insanely poor compared to other gacha games, and this first event’s rewards are lacklustre, to say the least,” writes one user. “Agreed,” writes another. “It was lacklustre and basically just additional rewards for things we were already doing this weekend during our dailies.”

Other players describe that they are considering quitting the game, or have otherwise quit already.

“I’m basically using this game as a filler right now to kill time when I’m bored,” explains one Redditor, RoeJoganLife. “Soon as Dragonflight drops, and Hogwarts Legacy, I don’t see myself playing at all.”

“Hungering Moon is what usually passes for a ‘background event’ in other mobile games,” says another user, rolan56789. “The problem is it was presented as being part of a ‘major content update’. When I hear that, I expect something more elaborate. Gota [sic] imagine the whales and krakens that keep games like this profitable are gonna bail unless they get it together.”

“Exactly why I quit after paragon 20,” writes a third user, Rich904666. “Lack of content.”

Other players say that they have also quit Diablo Immortal, not because of lack of new content, but due to frustrations with the games apparent pay-to-win mechanics.

“I quit today but not because of lack of ‘events’,” writes whatevers1234. “The game needs to add actual content and address the utter shameless disparity between the F2P and P2W game. For the first month it was worth playing and was good value for my dollar. Then para 80 rolls around. Hell 3 comes in and nothing changes. Whales still miles ahead.

“I bought the 2nd battle pass,” they continue, “but I don’t even care to finish.”

Diablo Immortal’s season two battle pass, which introduced the Hungering Moon event, runs until August 4, though the event itself finishes today, July 18. We will keep bringing you all the details as Blizzard announces new Diablo Immortal events and updates.