Diablo Immortal could be much better with these simple UI changes

An experienced Diablo Immortal player has suggested a bunch of quality of life improvements to the Blizzard RPG's UI much to everyones delight

Diablo Immortal is proving to be quite the success, with over 30 million players reportedly signed up to play the Blizzard RPG since its release in June. The game has come under fire for some of its questionable microtransactions, but overall it would appear to be a hit with fans of the legendary game series — that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve, mind.

One intrepid player recently posted their suggestions on how Blizzard can improve the UI for Diablo Immortal, their suggestions nudging the developer into more quality of life improvements over any kind of overhaul.

The main gripes that come with the post and subsequent comments are from players with a lot of time in Diablo Immortal under their belt already — questions about what happens with their ess fills up, the want for an indicator for when their inventory is full, and the possibilities of various other UI fixes.

Diablo Immortal could be much better with UI changes: a picture show potential changes to the interface of Diablo Immortal

An interesting suggestion was that of adding a specific button on the UI to teleport to the nearest SZ. Coupled with the indicators of when your inventory is full, it would certainly cut down potentially wasted time when out farming for resources, enabling you to offload everything as soon as possible with the press of a single button.

The vacant space pointed out in the bottom right corner was tagged as ‘useless’ in the Reddit post, but as an experienced player pointed out in the comments, that lack of a UI element is there because it’s where your new loot notifications pop up. Populating that portion of the screen with more elements could crowd the user’s vision, leading to confusion.

Overall, the changes went down well with the community, with many hoping that Blizzard takes note of the post: “Bro I want all of these! Great suggestions.”

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