Diablo Immortal PC player finds secret room – and it’s not a church

Diablo Immortal PC may suffer from PvP bugs and microtransactions, but the RPG is also a hiding an strange, secret room – and it’s not Nier: Automata’s church

Diablo Immortal PC player finds secret room: an undead ghoul glowing blue light

PvP bugs, microtransactions, and legendary crests have been the bane of every Diablo Immortal PC player ever since the game launched back in June. But now, there’s a strange, intriguing, and less controversial twist in Blizzard’s RPG, as one player discovers an unusual secret room, and no, it’s not the mod that created Nier: Automata’s hidden church.

Diablo Immortal player Mayfe1337 says they were recently streaming the game via a conversation window in Discord. While walking around Westmarch, the RPG suddenly started to “go crazy”, allowing them to exit the map’s boundaries, and enter what appears to be a small, rather cosy-looking tavern or shop. We’ve spent a while trying to pin down the exact location, between the mini-map in Mayfe1337’s original image and bigger maps of Westmarch, and this appears to be behind the armoury, right next to the blacksmith.

Diablo Immortal PC is hiding a secret room: you can see it's warm, nicely lit, and decorated like a clothing or armour shop

In fact, if you take a closer look when you walk around Westmarch, you can glimpse some of this interior — specifically the bottom right, where the two armour mannequins are standing — through a window alongside your personal armour case. What’s unusual is that the entire interior is fully modelled, as if it’s an unused section of the map that is supposed to serve a larger purpose. Surely, if we were only meant to see this shop from the outside, only the visible portion would be so detailed, but the entire building is rendered like a full location, with lighting, assets, and props. As Mayfe1337 speculates themselves, this may be a sign that a new shop is incoming, perhaps in a future update. A good time, then, to take a look at the best Diablo Immortal builds, and start thinking about what new items you’d need to make them complete.

However, the shop may be a holdover from Diablo Immortal’s alpha version, when different areas of the map were open, before later becoming shut off as the RPG was updated and changed. Either way, given the mystery Westmarch shop remains in the game, fully formed, it’s likely Blizzard has plans for it in the future. For now, it’s seemingly another addition to the recently expanded annals of strange videogame rooms, and exactly the kind of weird and wonderful hidden nugget that can get a game into our guide to the best RPG games on PC. And if you’re walking around Westmarch and trying to find the secret shop for yourself, make sure you’re doing it while checking out our guide to Diablo Immortal leveling, since there are a few tricks and tips buried in the hub world that can get you to immortal status faster.