Diablo Immortal leveling guide – how to level up fast

Diablo Immortal leveling mostly involves killing lots of monsters, but there are extra sources of XP you should be tapping to level up faster

Diablo Immortal leveling guide: A female barbarian raises a red soul stone in Diablo Immortal, which emits a powerful red aura.

What’s the secret to Diablo Immortal leveling? Obviously, the aim of the game is to soak up as many experience points (XP) as quickly as you can in order to unlock more skills. More skills means dishing out more damage, and that means gaining even more XP. But since Diablo Immortal is structured as a mobile game, there are some additional sources of XP you’ll want to look out for regularly, especially as you make your first steps in Blizzard’s RPG game.

At its core, Diablo Immortal leveling is similar to its predecessors in the way you develop your characters: killing monsters gives you XP, gold, and loot, and you’ll use this to advance in levels and gain additional power. Leveling up itself is a cinch: you’ll gain a boost in power through some background stat gains automatically. To help you sprint to the level cap as fast as you can, here are some leveling tips to help you gain XP quickly:

Main story quests

So, the basic formula is simple: experience points add up to levels, and killing monsters gives you XP. However, a better source of XP is completing quests. You’ll gain truckloads of XP for ticking off main story quests, and these will shoot you through the lower levels pretty quickly. It’s worth bearing in mind that main story quests offer significantly more XP than side quests, so prioritise the former over the latter if you’re looking to maximise the amount you earn in the shortest time.

The Codex

Another powerful source of experience points can be found in the Diablo Immortal Codex. This functions in tandem with the battle pass, and provides some early objectives and tasks to complete that will help familiarise you with the workings of the game. This will advance you through battle pass ranks, as well as provide some nice XP boosts along the way.

Battle pass

The battle pass is by far and away the most effective tool for fast Diablo Immortal leveling, containing activities, quests, and challenges that will reward you with Battle Points once completed. In particular, featured daily activities will grant you double the Battle Points than regular activities. Earn enough Battle Points and you’ll level up your battle pass and earn a nice bundle of XP.

It’s important to note that the XP gained from Battle Points scale with your level, so don’t go spending them as soon as you acquire them. Instead, save them for your higher levels to get the most bang for your buck, and only claim them when you’ve reached a level gate.

The Codex page in Diablo Immortal showing a new reward to claim


Like in most multiplayer games, grinding dungeons isn’t the most enjoyable activity, but it certainly gets results. Thankfully, Diablo Immortal’s dungeons only take between ten to 15 minutes to complete. While you may be tempted to solo them, it’s only possible to complete them alone at lower difficulties; if you want to maximise your loot drops and XP then it’s best to do this as part of a group

Here’s the complete list of Diablo Immortal dungeons:

  • Mad King’s Breach (Ashwold Cemetery)
  • Forgotten Tower (Dark Wood)
  • Tomb of Fahir (Shassar Sea)
  • Kikuras Rapids (Bilefen)
  • Destruction’s End (Library of Zoltun Kulle)
  • Cavern of Echoes (Frozen Tundra)
  • Pit of Anguish (Realm of Damnation)


Diablo Immortal bounties are short quests with very simple objectives, but they offer a surprisingly decent amount of currencies, materials, and more importantly, XP. Green bounties are found in dungeons, while blue bounties can be located somewhere in the open world. If you have a bounty for a region you’d prefer to avoid, you can re-roll for bounties a maximum of three times a day, at which point you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

Eight bounties are available per day from the bounty board and Quartermaster NPC Derek, and you can accept up to four at a time. Bounties can also be completed with your clan, so it might be helpful to share bounties with other members to work through them even faster. If you haven’t unlocked the bounty board yet, head to the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch and speak to Charsi to complete the tutorial.

Elder Rifts

Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts make a return to the series, albeit with a slightly different name. Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts are effectively mini-dungeons that only take about five minutes to complete. After initiating an Elder Rift, you’ll be given a time limit to clear out enemies as quickly as possible, with the opportunity to gain bonus rewards and XP by bringing down the Rift Guardian miniboss before time runs out.

While burning through Elder Rifts, keep an eye out for blue skull icons on your minimap. These indicate monsters that drop Experience Globes for an additional XP boost. Aside from XP, Elder Rifts are a good source for Diablo Immortal gems, so they’re well worth those few minutes spent clearing them.

The Helliquary

The Helliquary is effectively Diablo Immortal’s raid system. It tracks powerful Wrathborne Demons that you can attempt to defeat solo or as part of a Warband. While Wrathbone Demons can be a steep challenge, they drop some of the best rewards Diablo Immortal has to offer and the highest amount of XP for defeating them.

You’ll gain access to the Helliquary around level 40 to 45 after completing the main storyline in Bilefen. Once you return to Westmarch, speak to Deckard Cain at the Workshop in order to initiate the Helliquary quest, then find Rayek near the Einfrinn Tree to begin your first Helliquary raid.

Diablo Immortal Leveling: A barbarian wielding two axes faces off against a Helliquary spellcaster boss on a platform above a river of lava.

The Bestiary

While it may not give as much XP as a dungeon or raid, it is fiendishly easy to gain experience points through Diablo Immortal’s Bestiary. Monsters drop Monstrous Essence when slain, and ten Monstrous Essence will unlock a Bestiary entry. Leveling up the Bestiary rewards you with Battle Points and XP, among other bonuses. You can only carry ten Monstrous Essence at a time, so be sure to spend them as soon as you get a full stack.

General Tips

We’ve gone through the major ways to acquire Diablo Immortal XP, but we also have some general gameplay tips to help you level up faster.

  • If your Diablo Immortal class has any movement skills at their disposal, be sure to keep them active as often as possible. The faster you’re moving, the faster you’re leveling.
  • Take a moment to activate auto-loot function in the Diablo Immortal settings so you’re not wasting time collecting loot manually.
  • If you’re feeling confident in your crowd control, try and pull large amounts of enemies in one go, and rely on your area-of-effect and chain attacks to destroy high numbers of enemies at once. This will grant you a massacre bonus, rewarding you with additional XP. The more enemies you defeat, the more XP you will earn with this method.
  • Don’t bother clearing whole zones for XP – the XP trash mobs grant you is negligible compared to the amount you’ll receive from simply completing your quest.
  • Avoid upgrading your gear unless absolutely necessary. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you’ll always find gear with base stats that are better than your upgraded gear. Instead, see the Blacksmith for the Rank Transfer option to swap ranks and attribute bonuses from higher-rank to lower-rank equipment that occupies the same slot. This process is absolutely free, and cuts down on time and materials wasted ranking up new equipment, so don’t overlook it.

With these tips and tricks, we’re certain that you’ll hit the Diablo Immortal level cap in no time. Once you’ve reached Level 60 those experience points will go straight into the Paragon skill tree, so we recommend keeping this guide handy.

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