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Diablo Immortal server woes plague another Shadow War event

A fresh wave of Diablo Immortal server woes prevent players from being able to participate in the weekend Shadow War event, among other issues in the RPG game

Diablo Immortal - a lady in an ornate set of armour and headdress with a glowing staff grits her teeth in anger

Diablo Immortal server woes preventing players from logging into their main character server are disrupting another weekend Shadow War event, in addition to simply preventing people from playing. Multiple users on the Diablo Immortal forums and subreddit reported not being able to log in to the RPG game, instead being told that, “The server is busy at the moment.”

While being unable to log in and play is bad enough, the problem extended beyond that because the server downtime coincided with the beginning of the week’s Shadow War. This meant that anyone unable to log in during the registration period couldn’t join the event – and the problem was further exacerbated if clan leaders were affected.

As highlighted in a thread on the Diablo Immortal subreddit, only the clan leader can initiate the Shadow War activity. This means that, for any clans where the leader is unable to log in, there isn’t an alternative method for the team to continue with the activity in their stead. “It’s ridiculous that you can have 100 people spending 3-5 weeks working on a common objective, only to have it tossed out the window because the leader isn’t able to log in for reasons out of their control,” says the thread’s poster Cyballistic.

One commenter points out that this also ties clan leaders down to always needing to be present every week, even when the servers are working. Another user notes that their clan previously “lost a sure-fire final because our clan leader had an emergency and couldn’t attend despite outnumbering the other team 50 to 20 and having multiple other officers online.”

Blizzard has addressed the server issue on their forums, and some affected players have stated that they are receiving compensation. However, it appears that this amounts to a single piece of legendary gear, which is leaving some with a sour taste in their mouth. Comments in multiple threads about the issue state that the amount of compensation is lacking for what various players list as 9 – 16 hours of downtime.

A previous Shadow War bug also caused the event to be delayed, and players affected by that issue also bemoaned the make-good offered by Blizzard at the time. This latest problem comes just after the announcement that Diablo Immortal has made $100 million in mobile player spending alone.