Diablo Immortal update leak hints at Helliquary boss, Frozen Heart

A Diablo Immortal update has leaked, hinting that a new Helliquary boss will be coming to Blizzard’s MMORPG adventure, as well as the coveted Frozen Heart gem

Diablo Immortal update leak hints at new Helliquary boss, Frozen Heart returns: A bald man with glowing blue eyes looks into the camera, also wearing gold warpaint and a necklace made of large black balls

The next Diablo Immortal update appears to have leaked in advance, with new information pointing to a Helliquary boss called Iziliech the Misshapen, as well as a new dungeon in Mount Zavain called The Silent Monastery. Here’s a breakdown of all of the possible new content coming to the ARPG turned MMO.

Following the mammoth Diablo 4 leaks, as well as the now notorious GTA 6 leaks, the recent Diablo Immortal data mines feel like a walk in the proverbial park – except the park’s on fire and there are a lot more demons.

Blizzard have already confirmed that the controversial warbands will be getting an update in the next chapter of the Immortal saga, but this leak is a bit meatier. Courtesy of Data Miner, it describes a new Helliquary boss, as well as a new dungeon, returning five star legendary gem, and a new six-piece set.

Diablo Immortal update leak hints at Helliquary boss, Frozen Heart: Demonic woman with blue fiery hair and icy blue bat wings stands looking at camera wearing a white dress that is shredded at the bottom

Iziliech the Misshapen and The Silent Monastery

Top of the list is Iziliech the Misshapen, a new Helliquary boss who is, well, not very attractive. A silent watcher, he feeds off of the terror of his victims in from the shadows, but has entered the Helliquary in order to cause some chaos. You can take on Izilech with 6,175 combat rating, with difficulties two and three being listed at over seven thousand each.

The Silent Monastery will accompany this fiend into Sanctuary, adding yet another location to the game’s ever-expanding pool. The first dungeon to be located in Mount Zavain, you’ll be tasked with dispelling the darkness seeking to consume the region.

Completing the dungeon can net you bits of the new six-piece set, Gloomguide’s Prize, which revolves around a series of different dash skills. It increases critical hit chance and damage post-dash, whilst also unleashing a wave of terror that fears enemies and deals damage. Perfect for monks, demon hunters, crusaders, and barbarians, this set will be the perfect addition to many armouries.

Frozen Heart returns

A five star Legendary gem that was once confined to the beta, Frozen Heart makes a triumphant return after months of being buried beneath the scourge. To celebrate its return, players will be able to activate a buff which increases its drop rate by 50%.

Frozen Heart increases the base attributes of equipped items by 1.5% to 5% as you level it, adds 12 – 14 to your offense and defence, whilst decreasing damage taken by enemies more than three yards away by a whopping 10,000%. You’ll also have a 15% chance of getting more magical items, so if you can pick up this gem it’s clearly worth it. It makes your character much tankier, whilst also letting them deal more damage – what else could you wish for?

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Frozen Heart is only one of many different treasures, though, so here’s our best Diablo Immortal legendary gems list and how to craft them, as well as a general overview of all of the base Diablo Immortal gems and what they do.