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Get the newest roguelike deckbuilder and one of the best at a discount

New roguelike deckbuilder Dicefolk teams up with Monster Train, one of the best games to follow Slay the Spire, for a special Steam sale.

Dicefolk and Monster Train Steam sale bundle - A purple demon roars as he prepares to swing a hammer.

If you’ve got your eyes on Steam’s newest roguelike deck-building game, you can grab one of the best along with it and get a cheeky discount for your trouble. Dicefolk is a delightful new addition to the roster of card and turn-based strategy games, and it’s teamed up with Monster Train, perhaps my favorite of the games to launch in the wake of the genre-defining Slay the Spire, for a special Steam sale bundle.

Newcomer Dicefolk has already won our hearts. Its adorable style and intricate potential to create interesting and powerful synergies make it a worthy addition to the ever-growing world of the best deck-building roguelike games alongside the likes of Balatro, Wildfrost, and, of course, Monster Train.

Launched in 2020, Monster Train was one of the first games I remember drawing plenty of direct Slay the Spire comparisons, yet it remains one of the most distinct and interesting games to use that core format. Riding a train to hell, bearing the last remaining pyre able to relight the fires of inferno, it’s up to you to place your units across the train to best defend against waves of angels who would see your mission brought to a stop.

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Runs of Monster Train are quick, and they’re all about making the most ridiculously overpowered builds you can to deal with similarly vicious opponents. In fact, you’ll actually see who you’re set to face at the end of your run right from the start, and need to take that into consideration as you build your pairing of two distinct factions into something capable of repelling the forces of heaven.

Upgrading your units and collecting powerful bonuses, you’ll create true monsters that can deliver relentless salvos of damage to everything that approaches. If you love when a huge hand pops off in Balatro, numbers flying everywhere, then you’ll absolutely get that same sensation from watching a big turn play out in Monster Train.

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“If you liked Monster Train, we’d be willing to bet that Dicefolk is right up your alley,” developer Shiny Shoe writes in a post to the game’s Steam page. “We’re excited to partner with the Dicefolk team on a bundle with Monster Train, and equally excited to tell you that the package comes with a little discount for both titles. Oh and if you already own Monster Train, you can just get Dicefolk on its own at a discount.”

The Dicefolk x Monster Train bundle is available now. You’ll get 10% off by buying both games together, so expect to pay just $35.98/£30.40 for a pair of top-notch games in this Steam sale.

There’s plenty of the best card games to shuffle through, too, so be sure to have a look at those if you’re eager for more. Or if you’re looking to save even more money, the best free Steam games are a great place to start.

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