Capcom teases an “unannounced” game to horror fans amid Dino Crisis remake fever

Is it finally time for Dino Crisis?

Capcom is once again using its Resident Evil ambassador program – the same one that brought us early news of Project Resistance and thus the Resident Evil 3 remake – to tease another “unannounced title.” There’s no hint on what that game will be, but as Capcom fans grow increasingly rabid over talk of a Dino Crisis remake, hope for a return to Ibis Island remains alive.

The publisher has sent a fresh round of emails to members of the Resident Evil ambassador program, saying “as limited offers to ambassadors, we have invitations to a play test session of our unannounced title.” You can see the full email on Reddit (via IGN), which also introduces a new ranking system for the program.

Dino Crisis was a closely tied contemporary of Resident Evil back in the original PlayStation days, and nostalgia for the saurian survival-horror title has been flaring up over the past year – there’s even a fan remake coming along. Capcom also recently renewed the Dino Crisis trademark (along with Darkstalkers and several other classic brands), as Bloody Disgusting reports.

Neither the ambassador program update nor the trademark filing confirm anything on their own. The pool of trademark filings could just be Capcom shoring up its rights to the old franchises, and the ambassador playtest could just be for some other potentially neat multiplayer spin-off.

But the confluence of events has fans talking. After the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, the publisher says other classic Capcom franchises will make a comeback, and the turnaround on the Resident Evil 3 remake release date has been impressively fast. The RE Engine would be a perfect fit for a remade Dino Crisis – or a proper series sequel, or Resident Evil 8, or whatever else is next.