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Disney Speedstorm codes December 2023

As the kart racing game goes free-to-play, here are all the Disney Speedstorm codes which unlocks free stuff, including new racers, kart parts, and upgrades.

Disney Speedstorm codes: Jasmine is driving a purple go-kart, while Gaston tries to catch up with her.

October 7, 2023: We checked for new Disney Speedstorm codes to add to our list.

What are the current Disney Speedstorm codes? The Disney-themed kart racer has gone free-to-play, meaning everyone can now drift into the chaotic action. Each new season brings with it racers from iconic Disney films and cartoons, such as Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, and, of course, Mickey and his pals.

There are a lot of free items you can get for Disney Speedstorm by completing its single-player offerings, and you can get a free Racer Shard for just collecting items from the Daily Box. However, the free PC game also includes an option in the settings menu for codes you can redeem in the future for exclusive freebies. Here, you’ll find all the currently active Disney Speedstorm codes.

Disney Speedstorm codes - Mickey Mouse and the Beast are trying to outrace each other in go-karts.

Active Disney Speedstorm codes

Sadly, even as the kart racer becomes free-to-play, there are no currently active Disney Speedstorm codes. We will update this list as soon as we find some active codes to ensure you get any future freebies.

Expired Disney Speedstorm codes

  • eyGOIrnPXXX – Mystical Crystal Ball, Flying Carpet, and Pocket Watch.
  • qNEmAtpYXXX – Magic Coupon rewards.
  • DS6X9PT2 – unlock Lightning Bolt booster.
  • KS3D5JR8 – unlock Fairy Wings power-up.
  • QF7G2LN4 – unlock the Magic Mirror upgrade.
  • HW9T1BK5 – unlock the Phoenix Transformation power-up.
  • MJ2P4CQ7 – Pirate Ship kart.
  • RV8N3FK6 – unlock the Ice Blast power-up.
  • FB5M7GD3 – Starry Night kart.
  • PL1J8XK9 – unlock the Time Warp power-up.

The redeem screen for Disney Speedstorm codes in the options menu.

How to redeem Disney Speedstorm codes

To redeem Disney Speedstorm codes, follow the simple instructions below:

  • Open Disney Speedstorm and complete the tutorial if you haven’t done so already. You’ll be able to redeem codes after unlocking Mickey Mouse.
  • From the main menu, click the cog on the top right of the screen.
  • Click the Redeem Code tab.
  • Enter the code and click Search.

How to get more Disney Speedstorm codes

The easiest way to get more Disney Speedstorm codes is to return to this page at a later date. We will do all the legwork in order to keep this guide up to date, so all you need to do is bookmark the page on your browser. If you’d rather go at it alone, then you’ll need to pay attention to the official Disney Speedstorm X account.

And those are the Disney Speedstorm codes available right now. As mentioned, do check back, as we’re sure that more codes will be available in the future. For now, though, if you’re a Disney fan, you may wish to know all the currently active Disney’s Dreamlight Valley codes to redeem for flags, decorations, and so much more. You can also check out our picks for the best Disney games that are worth your attention.