The 15 best Disney games on PC 2024

Our list of the 14 best Disney games on PC in 2023 includes pixel-art classics and multiverse life sims, as well as beloved adaptations of your favorite films.

Best Disney games: Disney Dreamlight Valley, the early access life simulation game that blends Animal Crossing with the Disneyland experience - in this instance, the player character is wielding some form of magical light as Belle and WALL-E look on.

What are the best Disney games on PC? The House of Mouse dominates everything around us, from film and TV, to theme parks, and even societal debate (we love Halle, actually). With numerous acquisitions covering the likes of Star Wars and Marvel, sometimes you don’t even know what you’re consuming is Disney. The downside for fans of the mouse, though, is overwhelming choice. Luckily for you, we’ve played and sifted through decades of releases to offer you this selection of the very best Disney games.

Despite Disney closing their in-house game development studio in 2016, there are still plenty of Disney PC games to dive into, from new games, old remasters, or collabs and crossovers. Ranging from classic ’90s click-based adventure games all the way to big-budget sandbox games, whether you’re looking for the best Disney games, Pixar characters, or even just stylistic influence, there’s guaranteed to be something here for you. And you don’t even have to worry about mods or emulation tools to play the games in this list.

The 15 best Disney games on PC in 2024 are:

Best Disney games Dreamlight Valley: The player character, Mickey, and Merlin stand in front of the Dream Castle under the night's sky

Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve ever wanted to get to know the denizens of Disneyland on a personal level, now’s your chance. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life game that’s guaranteed the capture the heart of any die-hard Disney fan. It largely takes its inspiration from games like Animal Crossing – but instead of a charming cast of animals, the residents of Dreamlight Valley are pulled straight from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies across the years.

When you’re not traveling to distant realms to recruit your favorite Dreamlight Valley characters to join your neighborhood, you can customize your character in various outfits, upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house, and craft delicious recipes. Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently still in early access on Steam, so there’s plenty of time to meet your favorite Disney pals and make them a permanent fixture in your neighborhood ahead of the farming sim‘s full release. What’s more, Gameloft is maintaining a remarkable update schedule, bringing new Disney faces to the valley every couple of months, including Princess Vanellope and Belle and the Beast, so take a look at who the next Dreamlight Valley update introduces.

Randall from Monster's Inc gets some air time in his racing car in Speedstorm, one of the best Disney games.

Disney Speedstorm

Does anyone remember Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour from 2000? No? Just me? Well, it was awesome. A Disney racing game that took you through the classic Disneyworld rides as your favorite characters.

Disney Speedstorm isn’t that, but it’s as close as we’re going to get, and it’s an excellent, fast-paced Disney racer with online multiplayer, a battle pass, and everything else you’d expect from a new Disney game. Suit up and slip into the driver’s seat as many of the most beloved Disney characters, such as Beauty or the Beast, Mulan, and Sully. Race around gorgeous, colorful, and cartoony race tracks based on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Jungle Book, and hit opponents with items in Mario Kart fashion as you aim for the podium.

Best Disney games: a kid with spikey hair holds a blade that is also a key.

Kingdom Hearts series

The RPG series with increasingly confusing titles and more than a few Disney characters should be known to most, but if you haven’t had a chance to take Sora and friends for a spin in the fight against darkness, then you really should. Cutesy on the outside, Kingdom Hearts is secretly harboring a brilliant story, and some of the best RPG fights we’ve seen since Final Fantasy was in its heyday.

Best Disney games Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: A Scout Trooper fights a jedi

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There are plenty of fantastic romps through a faraway galaxy, but we didn’t want to take over a big part of this list with George Lucas’s stepchildren. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, is the latest of the modern Star Wars games era, and the return of Cal Kestis doesn’t disappoint. It’s got breathtaking environments, great combat, and the adorable Turgle – what’s not to love? If you want to know more, have a read through our Jedi Survivor review.

Other Star Wars games to look out for include Survivor’s predecessor, Jedi: Fallen Order, the original 2005 version of Star Wars Battlefront (the two new ones are not as good), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Rogue Squadron. You can also check out our list of the best Star Wars games on PC. They’re all available on Steam.

Best Disney games: Aladdin and Yoda together in Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity, over the course of three games/toy boxes, has included 118 characters from across the Disney multiverse. You can squad up with Groot, Lightning McQueen, Maleficent, and many more in the action-adventure game before stomping around the games’ varied levels and modes. There aren’t many other experiences that can provide that type of variety in franchises.

That variety extends across Disney Infinity’s gameplay, too. There are platforming and exploration bits, racing segments, mini-games, and even a game creation mode. It’s an enjoyable casual experience for anyone with kids or the desire to play at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Best Disney games Toy Story 3: Woody talk to Lotso, the big pink bear

Toy Story 3

Toy Story has had some of the best game adaptations throughout its long history. The game versions of Toy Story 1 and 2, even though not available directly on PC, were absolutely fantastic platform games that pushed the technical limitations of the consoles they were on. The more recent Toy Story 3 is bigger and better.

The adaptation for the third tearjerker launched on basically every platform available in 2010 by the same studio who went on to make Disney Infinity. It features a lovely story that could put it up there with the best Western games, except you get to play as key characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

The story mode is mostly linear, with specifically designed missions laid out between visits to a hub world. The Toy Box mode gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want and offers a lot of different game types spread across different mini-games.

Simba and Mufasa on Pride Rock in The Lion King, one of the best Disney games, and moves, of all time.

The Lion King

One of the original top dogs, The Lion King launched on the Super NES and Genesis in 1994. Now, 25 years later, it’s one of the most beloved Disney games ever made. It’s available as a double pack with the equally revered 1993 version of Aladdin on Steam.

The PC version of The Lion King is tweaked slightly. The port doesn’t have the cheat codes from the original game and this version has a bit of lag. But if you played this Simba classic as a kid, or if you’re looking to play the best interactive version of The Lion King, then check this one out. It’s got all the charm (read: jankiness) of the original. Despite the ancient controls, tight jumps, and tough challenges in the 2D platformer make it worth a visit.

Hercules rides on the back of Pegasus through one of the platform levels in Disney's Hercules, one of the best Disney games.


There’s a plethora of Disney PlayStation games to choose from that could go in this list, as they were the ultimate games to be playing back in the day, and why the likes of Toy Story and The Lion King are here. Another one we just had to include, though, is Disney’s Hercules, which has some epic scenes that still live rent-free in our head.

An adorable platformer full of the classic colors, sights, and tunes of the 1997 movie, Hercules sees you take on the role of the titular hero on his journey to rescue Meg. What makes this Disney game truly special are the power-ups and weapons you collect along the way, with each of Herc’s armaments used for different tasks or to reach different areas.

Like others on this list, you don’t need to dust off your ancient console to step back in time, as Disney’s Hercules is available in all its old-school glory on Steam.

Best Disney games Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

Donald Duck, who moonlights as a Ninja on weekends, stars in this incredibly impressive 1996 Super NES and Genesis game. It’s currently available on Steam and its visuals and gameplay are still up to scratch by today’s standard. It’s another side-scrolling platformer with dark, purplish visuals to help capture the vibe of the Darkwing Duck.

It’s a lesser-known Disney gem but it’s worth checking out if you like Donald Duck more than any other member of the Mickey Mouse squad – plus it’ll earn you some serious hipster points. Developed by the now-defunct Disney Interactive Studios, Donald Duck plays the meta role of a duck detective Maui Mallard who can turn into a ninja named Cold Shadow. Throughout the game’s 23 levels, you can switch between the Duck’s two alter egos, each with a different weapon and approach to combat. The detective’s insect gun and the ninja’s bo staff, each with their own moveset.

Best Disney Games Tron 2.0: Two characters in futuristic neon outfits

Tron 2.0

Developed by Monolith Productions, the studio behind the recent Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games, Tron 2.0 is a first-person shooter released back in 2003. It’s comprised mostly of gunfights with low-level enemies, boss fights, and the iconic light cycle races the Tron series is known for. Its level and mission design, with its neon-lit bridges and deep chasms, emulate the feeling of the original film well. It’s even got two of the original actors lending their voices to it’s story campaign.

While the PC version was well optimized and hailed as the best choice when it originally launched, it’s best played with the Killer App mod today, it’s a patch mod that helps the game run smoothly. Tron 2.0 is available on Steam.

Best Disney games Castle of Illusion: Mickey leaps through the air in a toy room level

Castle of Illusion

This 2013 remake of a 1990 Sega Genesis game sees Mickey on a side-scrolling platformer adventure to save Minnie from evil forces. While the original game had great visuals, a magical soundtrack, and feel-good gameplay, the remake takes everything and pumps it up a notch. The improved graphics work wonderfully with Mickey’s animations and music. It’s a fantastic platformer.

It was difficult to complete when it was originally released almost 30 years ago, but you probably won’t see much of a challenge to it now. But it’s worth checking out on Steam if you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland attractions like Fantasmic, and classic Fantasyland Disney.

Best Disney games Disneyland Adventures: Minnie Mouse signs an autograph book for a little girl

Disneyland Adventures

For those who visit Anaheim, California regularly, Disneyland is a tradition. As it’s gotten more popular (and way more overpriced) it’s only been tougher to take trips to the self-proclaimed happiest place on Earth. So instead of forking over hundreds of dollars to fly out, get a hotel room, and purchase theme park tickets, pick up Disneyland Adventures instead.

It’s an open-world adventure, originally developed for the Kinect, that lets you explore Disneyland and all the rides and secrets hidden inside. Several rides feature mini-games, including a simple rhythm game for the It’s a Small World ride, alongside character customization options as you explore the park. It’s available on Steam.

Best Disney games Treasure Planet Battle of Procyon a ship flies through space

Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon

Treasure Planet is one of the greatest animated pictures that Disney has ever released and it’s a crime that we haven’t gotten a follow-up. If you’re aching to get into the world that hid the loot of a thousand worlds, then this is the follow-up game, Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon, is an excellent choice in RTS form.

Developed by Barking Dog Studios and originally released in 2002, Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon takes place years after the events of the movie. Jim Hawkins, the original protagonist, has grown up and joined the Navy. You control him through a series of missions that feature ship-based combat and fleet management. It might be almost two decades old but it’s still a fantastic example of a great real-time strategy game. You can pick it up on Steam.

Best Disney Games: Captain Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life

Sea of Thieves

OK, so we’re starting to stretch the genre a little here. While we could keep going with some more fantastic ’90s PC ports, let’s instead shake things up a bit. No, Sea of Thieves is not a Disney game, but Disney does make an appearance in the A Pirate’s Life crossover. Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and more are part of the Pirate’s Life quests in which you can uncover the booty trapped in the sunken Black Pearl. Sea of Thieves is one of the best pirate games around, and a Disney collaboration only makes it better.

Best Disney games Cuphead: Cuphead and Mugman face a terrifying boss


If the Sea of Thieves tether wasn’t quite loose enough for you, then I’m really pushing it here. No, technically Cuphead has no affiliation with Disney whatsoever. However, suppose you’re a fan of the early, rubber hose-style animation of Disney’s Steamboat Willie and Oswald. In that case, Cuphead serves up undeniably enjoyable nostalgia in a tricky-but-aesthetically-pleasing run-and-gun game. Be prepared to have your recognizable red shorts handed to you when you go up against the platform game‘s terrifying bosses, but even if it takes you a few attempts before success, the sights and sounds will surely keep you coming back for more.

These are the best Disney games to play on PC. While Disney games on PC are rare, there are plenty of other new PC games in 2023. Alternatively, if you’re partial to old-school cool, check out our picks for some of the best old games still available to play.