Doom Eternal devs tease a teaser trailer for The Ancient Gods Part Two DLC

The devs told us last year that they hope to have the DLC out in time for Doom Eternal's one-year anniversary

March 8, 2021 Looks like news on Doom Eternal’s second piece of DLC is coming soon.

The Doom Eternal devs are teasing a teaser trailer for The Ancient Gods – Part Two DLC. That’s, uh… not really news in itself, but it does indicate that we’re finally about to see what the DLC for the FPS game will contain, and – hopefully – it’ll be landing soon. The teaser trailer lands on March 15.

Going back to the first part of Ancient Gods, the devs started teasing that DLC in early August 2020. A full reveal landed at Gamescom Opening Night Live later that month, ahead of the final release on October 20. If we get a similar cadence here, we should see Part Two launch by the end of April.

We’re still hoping to see Ancient Gods Part Two launch in March, though, as this would be the one-year anniversary of Doom Eternal’s launch. “They’re both part of the Year One Pass,” executive producer Marty Stratton told us in an interview last year. “So, you can suppose that they’re both within a year of launch.”

The development process hasn’t been without its challenges, and even back in August the devs were dealing with some unfortunate realities. “COVID-19 has definitely taken its toll on all of the things that we can do,” Stratton continued. “We’ve actually had to move some things around, we’ve pushed Invasion, which we intended to have done, out a bit. We also haven’t released as much on the Battle Mode front as we’d hoped to because we’ve been focusing on the DLC.”

Despite the added strain on the team, Stratton assured us that they’re “expectation is to get them both out in that year-one timeframe”. Either way, it looks like we won’t have much longer to wait for the rest of the DLC.