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Official Doom Eternal mod support might finally be on the way

A Doom Eternal mod support portal could be on the way from id Software, after changes to the FPS game's Steam backend point to it directly.

Doom Eternal mod support Steam

Official Doom Eternal mod support could be on the way from id Software, after updates have been made to the game’s files on the Steam backend that reference a Doom Mod Portal executable. Comments made by id before the game’s launch also suggested potential mod support, but they are yet to come to pass.

To get a full picture of why Doom Eternal mod support might be on the way sooner rather than later, we need to start with the Steam backend. According to SteamDB, on Tuesday March 12 changes were made to add the launch executable ‘DOOMModePortal.exe’ alongside the description ‘launch mod portal’ to the FPS game.

I can’t think of what else a Doom Mod Portal refers to other than a way to make and share community projects. Doom Eternal does have a modding community, but there’s not been much in the way of official support since its launch in 2020.

Doom Eternal mod support Steam: a SteamDB image showing the potential addition

This brings me to the second, older, piece of evidence that backs up the potential for official Doom Eternal mod support. Back before the launch in 2019 in an interview with Game Informer, producer Marty Stratton said id Software was looking at proper mod support, but that it would take time.

“We’ve actually done things technically that are getting us closer to doing mod support, but it won’t be immediate. I think longer term. We made technical decisions years ago that we’re still moving away from, and they’re getting us closer to those kinds of things.”

Put these two things together, and I think we’ve got an awfully strong case for Doom Eternal mod support finally coming from id Software. With a new Doom game a bit of a mystery right now, mod support could very well be the answer to our prayers to rip and tear.

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In other Doom news, Mick Gordon recently revealed that he is working with a new studio to make immersive shooters. It follows after the composer made a variety of accusations regarding producer Marty Stratton, in a lengthy open letter.

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