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Doom’s Mick Gordon is making a new shooter with ex Last of Us dev

Ex Doom, Last of Us, Uncharted, Callisto Protocol, and BioWare devs, alongside Mick Gordon, launch a new studio to make immersive shooters.

Doom Mick Gordon new game: A Revenant from FPS game Doom

Including Doom and Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon, a new studio unites talent whose credits feature The Last of Us, The Callisto Protocol, Uncharted, Rage, Max Payne, Killing Floor, Tomb Raider, Resistance, and BioWare’s Anthem. Called emptyvessel, the studio is focused on “immersive shooters,” which brings to mind the likes of the Wolfenstein reboots, Doom 2016, Deus Ex, and Prey. We also have a first look at what may be the studio’s initial project.

Doom and Doom Eternal rank among the most popular modern FPS games. Now, composer Mick Gordon reveals emptyvessel, a new studio “of industry veterans who specialize in the immersive shooter space.” Game director Emanuel Palaic has previously worked on Killing Floor 3 and Doom 2016. Animation director Rico Flores heralds from Naughty Dog, while Colin Thomas, character lead, has previously worked on The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Resistance. Design director Dan Moditch has a background in Call of Duty and The Callisto Protocol. Tech animation director Jake Gordon has worked on Tomb Raider, Max Payne, and Fable.

“We believe that with creative independence, comes greatness,” emptyvessel says. “We have assembled an inclusive and diverse team that have been empowered to be creative no matter their discipline because our innovation is fueled by our people. Our studio is an emptyvessel [sic] being filled by our creators and, soon, a gaming community who will help craft the new horizon of gaming.”

The studio shares a short video that may serve as a little teaser to one of its upcoming games.

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