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Doom The Dark Ages release date estimate, trailer, and gameplay

All the gory details about the Doom The Dark Ages release date, the debut trailer, and news for this prequel of the classic shooter.

Doom The Dark Ages release date: the Doom Slayer wearing power armor and a fur cape.

When is the Doom The Dark Ages release date? After its bombastic reveal during Summer Games Fest 2024, this prequel to the 2016 Doom reboot takes things to medieval times. Within seconds of seeing the Doom Slayer in action, we see him revving his new chainsaw shield to decapitate Hell’s demonic forces.

Doom The Dark Ages is just the latest in id Software’s iconic FPS game series, featuring a whole arsenal of bizarre weapons to deal with hellish threats efficiently. The veteran devs know exactly what they need to do to keep things in action game from getting stale, which is why we’re going to fight demons in a fresh location. Here’s everything we currently know about this frantic shooter.

Doom The Dark Ages release date: a demonic dragon with lightbeam-like wings, roaring.

Doom The Dark Ages release date estimate

We estimate the Doom The Dark Ages release date will be late 2025. It will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S and will launch on Game Pass from day one.

Since the reboot, Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal released within the first few months of the year. That said, Summer Game Fest 2024 was the reveal of id Software’s prequel shooter, while other Doom games had their reveals far sooner than their eventual release date. It’s, therefore, unlikely to appear in the early half of the year.

Doom The Dark Ages is also the first full game in the series since Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, Bethesda Softworks’s parent company. In September 2023, during the Microsoft court case against the FTC, there was an internal roadmap with Bethesda’s upcoming games, including the tentatively named “Doom: Year Zero.”

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Doom The Dark Ages trailer

Every moment of gameplay we see in the latest trailer is set in a medieval fantasy castle under siege from various demons. After several seconds of combat, we also get our first glimpse at a giant mech that the Doom Slayer can use. We also see a dragon across the castle’s arches and incinerating the insides of a giant horned demon with its fiery breath.

Tonally, Doom The Dark Ages is very similar to previous entries in the series. We have a story about how the Doom Slayer is a weapon of the gods to smite the forces of hell and intense metal music that underscores the gameplay. The soundtrack is not from Mick Gordon is time around, as the composer had a public falling out with id Software’s Marty Stratton.

Doom The Dark Ages release date: a huge blob-like demon is about to be made into mincemeat by the Doom Slayer's skull-grinding gun.

Doom The Dark Ages gameplay

Weapons include the tried-and-tested Super Shotgun, a Gatling gun that grinds skulls into shards before violently propelling them out, and the new chain shield. We see the shield used in several brutal ways, such as being flung in a boomerang formation similar to Captain America or slamming it into the ground to create a shockwave. We also see the Doom Slayer deflecting bullets from a Spider-Demon and parrying an attack from a demonic knight.

That’s our guess for the Doom The Dark Ages release date estimate. If you can’t wait that long, we have a list of the best PC games of this year, as well as some upcoming PC games to look forward to in the following months.