Doom soundtrack by Trivium is Matt Heafy’s “lifelong dream”

A Doom X Trivium soundtrack would be absolutely amazing, with frontman and Twitch streamer Matt Heafy determined to make it happen post-Metal Hellsinger

Doom soundtrack by Trivium is Matt Heafy's "lifelong dream": Monsters attcking doomguy in the dark

A Doom X Trivium soundtrack sounds like a match made in heaven, especially given the classic FPS game’s cult following and hardcore, bloody combat. Riding the hype wave of Funcom’s rhythm shooter hybrid, Metal Hellsinger, lead singer and Twitch sensation Matt Heafy has confessed that composing a soundtrack for Doom has been his ambition ever since his childhood years.

In general Heafy advocates for more crossovers between the heavy metal genre and gaming; two worlds that are often seen as interconnected but, in reality, exist somewhat parallel to one another.

Following his guest slot on Funcom’s new (slightly violent) rhythm game, Metal Hellsinger, Heafy’s dreams to connect the music sphere with the virtual one finally seem within reach.

Discussing which game he’d like to soundtrack next at Gamescom 2022, Heafy confesses that a Doom X Trivium crossover has been on his bucket list since he starting gaming, and it’s something we’d love to see.

Doom Trivium soundtrack is Matt Heafy's dream: Doomguy on logo shooting two guns

While he mentions that Final Fantasy (his favourites being 7, 6, 4, and 9) is also a series he’d love to dive into musically, he says that doing a Doom soundtrack is a “lifelong dream” of his – in fact, he’s been thinking about it since he was a kid.

“Since I was nine years old I’ve been saying [that] I’d love to do Doom someday,” he tells me with a smile. “We’ll have to see, but hopefully they see this and go ‘let’s get this guy in.’” 

No promises, Matt, but I’ll do my best to spread the word.

While we wait for a Doom X Trivium soundtrack, you’ll find us playing Metal Hellsinger, which releases on September 4. Looking to pop some heads to ‘This Devastation’? Make sure you check out our Metal Hellsinger system requirements to make sure your PC is metal enough to handle the chaos.