Dota 2 gets an anime Netflix series next month

"The story you've been waiting for, is finally here. Are you ready?"

More and more of the best PC games are in for animated adaptations, it seems. Not only have we got Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, and a Tomb Raider ‘anime’ series on the way – streaming giant Netflix has just announced it’s got an anime series based on the Dota universe coming, too.

“We’re excited to announce a brand-new anime series exploring the Dota universe like never before,” the multiplayer game’s developer Valve announces on Twitter. “As fellow fans of Dota and its passionate global community, we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you when it premieres on Netflix March 25.”

The announcement brings a trailer giving us a good peek at the upcoming series, which you can check out below. Made in collaboration with Valve, the series is called Dota: Dragon’s Blood, and it appears Dota 2 hero Davion, the Dragon Knight, will play a key role. The clip opens with a voice asking, “What are you called?” to which a reply comes: “Davion, Dragon Knight”.

Check out the announcement trailer for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

As detailed in the tweet and clip, the good news is we won’t have long to wait for the show, either, as it arrives in just over a month’s time on March 25. Details beyond what the trailer shows are a little scare right now, but according to Deadline it’ll be made up of eight episodes and also feature fellow hero Mirana, the Princess of the Moon.