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Valve asks players to make new Dota 2 skins

Roll up, roll up Dota 2 fans - and get designing those 2020 hero skins

Valve needs YOU! That’s the message from the developer in a new blog post asking fans to make new Dota 2 skins for 2020.

“As another year creeps up on the heroes of the Dota universe, and yesterday’s wardrobe begins to look slightly more threadbare, we’d like to invite all Dota 2 Workshop creators to dream up some new fashions and assorted finery to help your favorite heroes look their best as they head into battle in the new year,” the company says in an announcement on the game’s Steam page. “To that end, we are now officially accepting any and all submissions that you feel inspired to create – without any seasonal or thematic restrictions.”

Players have until March 2 to submit their clothing creations – though you’re not allowed to include any blood, gore, or human skulls. Valve is also encouraging fans to visit the Workshop regularly to vote on their favourite submissions.

Dota 2’s player count has been steadily falling for a while now, with the average count reaching a six-year low just recently. This latest move from Valve may be an attempt to drum up interest in its MOBA game.

The game continues to evolve, with its big Outlanders update launching not too long ago. That introduced two new heroes – though one, Void Spirit, was nerfed almost immediately.