How to upgrade Dota Underlords heroes

If you want to boost your chances of claiming victory in Dota Underlords then you’ll need to know how to upgrade heroes

dota underlords how to upgrade units max rank

Want to know how to upgrade Dota Underlords units all the way up to three-star heroes? This is a vital part of improving your crew in a Dota Underlords match, and even one upgraded hero can change your fortunes in between rounds. Upgraded units are the same unit in terms of alliance and abilities, but they possess hugely buffed health pools and DPS [damage per second]. As upgraded units are made by combining multiple copies of the same Dota Underlords heroes, this is also crucial for squeezing more damage and survivability onto your board once you’ve reached the crew limit of ten.

Some strategies insist on saving your upgrades until the end of a match, while others advocate always purchasing duplicate Underlords heroes from the item shop so you can upgrade throughout a match. The latter has worked best in our experience, but there are a lot of ways to win in this autobattler.

So, with the importance of upgrading your Dota Underlords heroes underlined above, let’s move onto the guide itself. Here’s how to upgrade heroes in Dota Underlords.

How to upgrade Dota Underlords heroes

Upgrading a unit is really simple: you just need to acquire three copies of the same hero and one of the heroes on the board will automatically turn into a two-star hero, instantly consuming the other two. Any items will return to your item hold, so you don’t need to worry about moving them about beforehand.

However, getting a max rank hero in Dota Underlords is a little trickier as you’ll need to acquire three two-star copies of the same hero. This means always buying a copy when you see it in the item shop, but also will likely involve spending a lot of gold to refresh the heroes in the item shop. If your strategy relies on upgrading key units then you’ll want to focus on establishing your roster of ten units and levelling up so you can field them all before refreshing the store at all, then treat all gold after that point as spin-to-win coins. The other reason for saving three-star upgrades until the end of the game is that you’ll need space on your bench for all of those spare copies.

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Finally, if you plan on getting a max rank hero on the board then you’ll want a plan for filling the space they leave behind as it may dent your Dota Underlords alliance bonuses. These are incredibly powerful, so it may not be worth upgrading a hero if it will remove a buff your whole crew benefits from.