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The “next reveal” of Dragon Age 4 will be at The Game Awards

We're getting more info on the new Dragon Age game next week

The next Dragon Game is still on the way, and BioWare has confirmed that we’ll be seeing more of it at The Game Awards next week. The studio has also launched a series of new, lore-filled short stories to help seed that new reveal, and to help celebrate the fan-made Dragon Age Day of December 4.

“These stories, written by the narrative team, help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age,” the studio says in a press release, “including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards.” The annual awards (and trailers) show is scheduled to air on December 10 at 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST, or midnight GMT.

The new Dragon Age – which I’m going to keep referring to as Dragon Age 4 for simplicity’s sake – was originally revealed at The Game Awards 2018 with a very brief teaser video. Aside from Mark Darrah tweeting the words ‘Dragon Age’, 2019 was pretty quiet, and while BioWare did show off some footage from a next-gen fantasy game at EA Play earlier this year, the studio never actually confirmed it was from Dragon Age 4.

The Dragon Age 4 release date is closer now than it’s ever been before, but still maybe don’t expect it to come that soon.

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For now, you can head over to the official site in order to ingest some short fiction and get back in that Thedas mood. Maybe check out some other RPG games to enjoy while we all continue to endure the long, long wait for the sequel.