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BioWare’s next-gen game was at EA Play (technically)

This tree is probably from Dragon Age 4, right?

EA Play is in the books, and one of the more notable absences from the event was BioWare. We officially know the studio is working on both Dragon Age 4 and an Anthem revamp, and unofficial-but-reliable reports have suggested that both Mass Effect 5 and Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered are coming. But all we got from the studio were a couple of clips of next-generation environments.

They’re very pretty next-gen environments, don’t get me wrong. We’ve got a tree with some magical growths in the midst of a snowy series of urns and markers – likely some sort of graveyard. Then, a flooded gate covered in glowing tendrils with fleshy pods nearby. Finally, a whole lot more of those glowy tendrils, with the addition of pulsating… egg? in the middle of a ruined fortress.

Given the fantasy setting, it’s extremely likely that these brief clips are from the new Dragon Age, but the video doesn’t even confirm that much. If you didn’t already suspect it, here’s the part where I say the Dragon Age 4 release date looks to be a long, long time away.

EA also provided some brief glimpses at other next-gen games, including Criterion’s new Need for Speed game, and DICE’s Battlefield 6. Perhaps the most notable of EA’s next-gen line-up is an unnamed new IP from Motive. It looks to be a sandbox experience where players will have some amount of creative power. You can see all those next-gen teasers at 45:12 in the video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

“We’re so excited about what’s to come,” EA’s chief studios officer Laura Miele says in the introduction to the video, “we don’t want to wait until next June to share what the teams are working on.” That implies, at least vaguely, that we won’t be seeing much more of any of these four games until E3 time next year – so it looks like we’ll need to buckle up for a long ride.