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Dragon Age Inquisition mod cuts out all of the MMO grinding

A new Dragon Age Inquisition mod cuts out all of the MMO grinding areas of the game to focus more on the story, and players are loving it

Despite Dragon Age Inquisition dropping nearly a decade ago, fans of the famous BioWare franchise are still playing the game and circulating various mods for it online. The third-person fantasy RPG captivated fans during the early days of the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 console era. Although the game received rave reviews at the time of launch, players have never necessarily grown warmer to some of the gameplay elements of the third installment in the series. Now, one modder has taken up the duty of cutting out all the needless fat that Inquisition makes players play through to get through its incredible story.

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best RPG games, and fans of the EA-published series have been clamoring for a new title for nearly an entire console generation. With Dragon Age 4 still a ways away, fans have been running through the world of Thedas on multiple playthroughs, hoping to hear good news on a release date or even a gameplay trailer.

Until then, modders and members of the Dragon Age community continue to work hard to make Inquisition the absolute best it can be. Corey Brickley, an artist and Dragon Age fan, crafted up a handful of new mods that cut out all unwanted grinding sections in Inquisition, allowing players to focus on how enthralling the story is rather than killing the same type of enemies over and over again to reach a certain XP threshold.

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Brickley shared the list of mods, appropriately titled “Dragon Age Inquisition Story Mode,” and a document listing all the mods required to get the ball rolling. For starters, you’ll need to download the Frosty Mod Manager, which will help speed up the process of facilitating the rest of the mods. From there, you’ll download a handful of mods through the popular site nexusmods, which includes a mod to speed up looting, removing Fog of War, an incredibly handy experience multiplier, and a few more.

These mods will benefit players who aren’t interested in the MMO-style grinding the developers put into the game. All the mods here work with the Trespasser DLC, which is quite handy so players can get the entire experience and even play through the game’s “true” ending.

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