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WoW meets Dungeons and Dragons in new isometric RPG game on Steam

WoW and Dungeons and Dragons unite in a new, multiverse-inspired isometric RPG game, bringing RTS combat and tabletop game style to its first Steam beta

WoW meets Dungeons and Dragons in new isometric RPG game on Steam: Heroes from RPG game Dragonheir stand on a mountain, watching the horizon

WoW and Dungeons and Dragons come together, alongside RTS combat and tabletop game-style customisation, as a new RPG game arrives on Steam for its first beta, bringing a fresh, multiverse-driven take on the World of Warcraft formula to fantasy fans everywhere.

Dragonheir Silent Gods utilises both tabletop-esque mechanics, where you design and combine your hero’s skills ahead of battle, alongside RTS combat, with mighty dungeon bosses requiring meticulous strategies and quick responses before they can be toppled.

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Set in the fantasy world of Adenthia, your job is to build a roster of orc, dwarf, sorcerer, death knight, undead, and dark elf champions to take on dungeons and source rare loot from a range of world bosses.

A diverse sandbox world featuring a variety of landscapes, the story of Adenthia unfolds via a branching narrative that shifts based on player decisions and actions. Each season of Dragonheir Silent Gods brings a fresh, unique storyline with accompanying quests, and you can pair up with pals to finish world events and unlock legendary sets.

The goal, seemingly, is to make Adenthia its own, player-driven multiverse, whereby every player or group of players experiences the narrative completely differently.

It’s a pretty unique pitch, and given the level of variety typically found in RPGs and the best MMOs, seems only natural – you can choose and customise everything else, so why shouldn’t the narrative fluctuate based on your decisions as well. Expected to launch in 2023, the closed beta for Dragonheir Silent Gods begins December 9. You can sign up here.

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