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How to change Dragon’s Dogma 2 character appearance

During such a meaty adventure, you may find yourself wanting to switch up how your Arisen or Pawn, or both, looks in Dragon's Dogma 2.

a beautiful woman looking at the camera in dragon's dogma 2

How do you change your appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2? We’ve all been there: after meticulously crafting a character, shortly after the tutorial you realize something is off. Maybe his/her ears are too small or their skin looks oddly pallid. Thankfully, not long after creating both the look of your Arisen and your Pawn, you’ll have the ability to re-edit both completely; however, doing so requires a few esoteric steps in true Dragon’s Dogma fashion – unless you just want a haircut and to redo your makeup, which is a more straightforward procedure. This guide details how to do both.

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editing appearance at clovis's barberie in dragon's dogma 2

How to change Dragon’s Dogma 2 character appearance

You won’t be able to edit your Arisen or Pawn until you reach Vernworth where a lot of the main quest takes place. Head to the icon in the shape of a pair of scissors, west of the Merchant Quarter. It’s at Clovis’s Barberie where you can edit your hair, makeup, and change your appearance fully.

At the Barberie, you can change your hair, makeup, or markings for 10,000 gold each. Clovis offers a special to change multiple at once for 25000 gold. You can do so as often as you like as long as you have the gold; however, you cannot edit build, gender, the length of your nose, your race, and so on.

However, you’ll notice a grayed-out Modify Appearance selection with a book icon beside it instead of a price in gold. This is an item called the Tome of Metamorphosis.

the location of the merchant neosmith in dragon's dogma 2

Where to get a Tome of Metamorphosis in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Thankfully, you won’t have to go far to find a Tome of Metamorphosis. In the Vernworth merchant quarter, a man named Neosmith sells two Tome of Metamorphosis for 500 RC each. He’s located at the Vernworth Pawn Guild icon on the map, right beside the Grand Riftstone of Vernworth.

You also have the option of heading to our Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods guide, we’ve listed a mod that gives you instant access to Metamorphosis tomes.

While we haven’t seen if these restock yet, the two of them are enough to edit both your Arisen and Pawn one time each. However, you may not have enough RC to purchase it – and what is RC anyway?

How to get RC in Dragon’s Dogma 2

RC stands for rift crystals which are generally used for editing your Pawn’s behavior and buying cosmetic items. There are several ways to obtain this currency:

  • Make sure you have Main Pawn Online Access set to Anyone in the settings. If someone hires your Pawn, they’ll receive RC after you rest at an inn.
  • Discovering riftstones awards a small amount of RC.
  • Sometimes you’ll find RC in treasure chests out in the world.
  • Certain powerful enemies drop RC.

While it may take a while to reach 500 RC, return to Neosmith in the Merchant Quarter, purchase a Tome of Metamorphosis, and bring it to Clovis’s Barberie in order to return to the character creation menu once again. Be warned, the game will automatically save, so any changes you make and do not like will require another Tome of Metamorphosis to fix.

That’s all you need to know for changing your Arisen and Pawn’s appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you’re looking for more sprawling fantasy adventures, we just so happen to have a best fantasy games guide on PC for your viewing pleasure, which pairs quite like wine and fine cheese with our list of the best RPG games. Otherwise, enjoy your time exploring the vast, esoteric world of Capcom’s latest.