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Dragon’s Dogma 2 deal knocks 18% off $70 price tag before launch

You can already get Dragon's Dogma 2 for 18% off on Steam ahead of the imminent launch, with both the Standard and Deluxe Edition included.

Dragon's Dogma 2 discoutn Steam: a young medieval woman

You can get Dragon’s Dogma 2 at an 18% discount on Steam ahead of launch, with both the Standard and Deluxe Editions up for grabs with the discount. The discount we’ve found only runs up to launch though, so you’ll have to commit ahead of time if you want to get in on the deal.

With Dragon’s Dogma 2 closer than over and a character creator demo giving us all the slightest taste of what’s to come, anticipation for the RPG game sequel is at a fever pitch. So up until the Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date you can snag a Steam key for the game from Fanatical for a staggering 18% off, meaning you’ll get the Standard Edition for $57.39 / £44.26 and the Deluxe Edition for $65.59 / £54.10.

A Standard Edition pre-order comes with the Superior Weapons Quartet and Ring of Assurance, while the Deluxe Edition adds a litany of extras for you if you want to pay a bit more.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Deluxe Edition extras

  • Base game
  • Explorer’s camping kit
  • 1500 Rift Crystals
  • Music and Sound Collection
  • Wakestone
  • Art of Metamorphosis
  • Harpysnare Smoke Beacons
  • Ambivalent Rift Incense
  • Heartfelt Pendant
  • Makeshift Gaol Key

You’ve got until Friday March 22 to get in on the deal, by the way.

Before you jump in you’ll want to brush up on the Dragon’s Dogma 2 system requirements and how they stack up against your own rig, alongside all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocations and what they’ll each mean for you playstyle.

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