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Dragon’s Dogma 2’s new gameplay footage has big God of War energy

A new 18 minute-long Dragons Dogma 2 trailer showcases its classes and all the monster-climbing is giving us big God of War vibes.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a lengthy new trailer, showing how the game’s Fighter, Thief, Warrior, and Sorcerer deal with their foes. And with all the back-climbing and monster-skewering, it puts us in mind of God of War. Let’s hope the character creator comes with red war paint.

Dragons Dogma 2 is just a few months away from release and to whet your appetite for this long-awaited fantasy RPG, there’s a whole new eighteen minutes of gameplay to enjoy.

This extended trailer, courtesy of IGN, highlights the different approaches to taking down your foes, depending on which class you’ve picked. And just to dial things up to 11, many of the enemies featured tower over your party.

So what do you do? In the tradition of God of War, you climb up your enemies and deal some damage while they’re flailing away. Kratos may have changed his ways but it’s all about hanging on till you’ve carved a chunk of flesh out, and he would definitely approve.

That’s assuming you can actually clamber onto your foe, however. As the video shows, the Thief is extremely agile and has no difficulty scaling the cyclops that’s trying to bite their head off. But his weightier, sword-wielding comrade has to find a high ledge to fling himself off.

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The Sorcerer doesn’t attempt to dangle from a monster’s nipple hair. Instead, while he can briefly levitate, he hangs back and incinerates the beast from afar. Climbing figured into the previous game but I appreciate how your characters seem much heftier here.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 releases Friday March 22 and if you’ve not played the original it’s a ridiculous 84% off in the Steam Winter Sale. You’ve got less than seven hours to grab it but right now, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is just $4.79 / £3.83.

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