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Dragon’s Dogma 2 mod gives you all the consumables you’ll ever need

This popular Dragon's Dogma 2 mod adds many of Capcom's in-game items to an easily accessible in-game store, whenever you need them.

Dragon's Dogma 2 mod fast travel items: a medieval looking man with a big moustache

If you’ve been struggling to find valuable resources in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and don’t want to fork over extra cash to stock back up, or grind for them, there’s already an incredibly popular DD2 mod that puts hundreds of these items into one of the in-game stores. Camp kits, Wakestones, Beetles, Ferrystones, and Rift Crystals are now all at your fingertips.

With nearly 20,000 downloads, this pack from ‘Crazy Potato’ is already one of our recommended Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods, as it helps you get the resources to travel around the map easier, revive pawns, and more. While Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been a critical and commercial success for Capcom so far, everyone’s split on the publisher once again adding extra microtransactions into one of its games. It should be noted that all of these items are still available in Dragon’s Dogma 2 via normal play, with the microtransactions offering a shortcut – for a price.

So, if you want to get a lot of these items without nearly as much trouble in-game, the Crazy’s Shop mod is for you. It adds hundreds of Elite and Explorer Camp Kits, Wakestones, Rift Crystals, Ferrystones, Beetles, Portcrystals, and more to the first shop in Vernworth, with the items restocking every day in the RPG game. Crazy Potato recommends only buying a max of 99 of each item at a time though, as otherwise your game will glitch out.

While a lot of these items are hard to come by in Dragon’s Dogma 2, which is by design, Capcom has also made them available for a few dollars each as extra microtransactions. Many players have voiced concern over the implementation of microtransactions in the game, with Crazy Potato’s mod offering up an optional way to get some extra resources if you’re truly struggling.

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With the Dragon’s Dogma 2 fast travel system being deliberately designed to give immense value to your resources, this might come across as a mod that directly runs counter to the game’s design. I’d recommend downloading it if you’re struggling, and always having the extra availability of these resources in the back of your mind, but not overusing them.

You’ll find Crazy Poato’s mod right here, but also make sure you install and use the Fluffy Mod Manager from Nexus too so you can easily install and uninstall any content. You’ll want to uninstall all other item mods you might have loaded up before downloading this one, just in case.

Last year Capcom said it thought of mods as the same as cheating in an R&D presentation. “All mods are defined as cheats, except when they are officially supported,” Capcom said, “what they are doing internally is no different than cheating.”

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