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Disney Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse recipe

The Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse recipe is one of a few you’ll need to complete various quests, with this one helping Goofy cheer up his old friend Mickey

Disney Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse recipe

If you’re struggling to work out the Disney Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse recipe, it might be because its ingredients are very similar to another dish in the Disney game: seafood soup. Don’t throw your ingredients out of the pot though, as we’re here to clear things up.

Not only does the Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse recipe provide a great energy boost, it also makes up part of one of Goofy’s story quests, and may need to be served to other Dreamlight Valley characters in Remy’s restaurant, so it’s an important one to add to your recipe book. Like most farming games and life sims, you can grow some of the ingredients yourself, but others need to be found elsewhere.

Disney Dreamlight Valley bouillabaisse ingredients

Bouillabaisse recipe ingredients

If you’re having trouble with the bouillabaisse recipe, you may have the wrong type of ingredient, or you may not be putting enough in. Here’s all five ingredients you need to make this five-star dish.

  • One shrimp
  • Two additional shellfish
  • One tomato
  • One additional vegetable

Part of the confusion may be down to the fact that shrimp appears in the fish collection menu in-game, however, in recipes, it is classed as a shellfish. As such, you can use three shrimp to make a successful bouillabaisse, but using other fish – such as cod or haddock – will result in the wrong meal. Since only one of the shellfish ingredients must be shrimp, you can use a more common and easily obtainable shellfish for the remaining two. Just as Goofy recommends in the ‘Dinner with a Friend’ quest, clams or scallops make a great alternative.

As for the vegetables, one needs to be a tomato, but the other can be any vegetable you have to hand. It could be another tomato, corn, bell pepper or any of the other ingredients that count as a vegetable. You can see the full breakdown of the food groups in our guide to the Dreamlight Valley recipes, which has every one of the 170-plus recipes listed.

Hot to catch Disney Dreamlight Valley shrimp

How to get shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most difficult Bouillabaisse ingredient to find is shrimp, as most vegetables – including tomatoes – can be grown and bought, and other shellfish can be found lining the Dreamlight Valley shoreline. While you can complete the rest of the recipe with these more common ingredients, you must have at least one shrimp in a bouillabaisse, so you need to know how to find one.

Shrimp can only be found on Dazzle Beach, but luckily that is one of the first biomes you will open. Fishing spots are colour-coded in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so when you are fishing along the shoreline, keep an eye out for blue fishing spots, as shrimp cannot be caught from gold or white zones.

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Now you know how to cook the Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse recipe, and how to get the ingredients for it, you can get cooking this simple five-star meal in one of the best PC games of the last year. This dish will provide you with a massive boost of energy, but if you need to boost your in-game storage as well, find out how to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house to add more inventory slots for all that delicious seafood.